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Peace War Poems

These Peace War poems are examples of War poems about Peace. These are the best examples of War Peace poems written by international poets.

Limericks III - Grab Bag
Limericks III - Grab Bag

Being a peace activist, I once wrote a limerick in an attempt to stop needless wars:

Of Tetley’s and V-2's
(or "Why Not...

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Categories: war, humor, humorous, light, nonsense,

Artemis and Her Dragon
O’Great Nations of the West,
To you I pen my loving best,
A Warning for all Military,
Leviathan that Dragon waits for thee,

When thou thought all is well,

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© Savio Vogt  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: war, inspirational, international, military, political,

Sifted Sand Against Bricks of Bone
Sifting through the things that I need versus the things that no longer serve me:

People that make me uncomfortable
People that have too many opinions about...

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Categories: war, absence, africa, america, appreciation,

Let Us Run with Peace Beats
O’ good woman (3)
Where’s your head gone (4)
Rolling around in other men’s beds, huh? (7)

Look what I found (4)
Your baggage unbound (3)
Should I refold the...

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Categories: war, absence, abuse, addiction, africa,

The Soldier
For the welfare of people
This purpose to fulfill
We stand opposing threats-
For our fatherland’s will. 
For law and order, all purely made by madmen, 
Completely false

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Categories: war, death, devotion, hope, identity,

Premium Member A Poetic Conversation With Covid 19
Halt who goes there? 
I am the health care scare. 
Is your name bubonic, measles or tee bee
No, that is not me.
I do not see...

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Categories: war, care, caregiving, environment, grief,

Screams Screeches Groans and Wails
Screams, screeches, groans and wails, 
Brutalities, agonies, torture, and blood, 
Tear Gases, pallet guns, bullets and bombs
Humanity sobs, world is falling apart 

Kids are blinded

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Categories: war, conflict, confusion, cry, earth,

Premium Member Disease By Dialogue-A Poetic Conversation
The Gloved One 

Halt who goes there? 

The Disease 

I am the health care scare. 

The Gloved One 

Is your name bubonic, measles or tee...

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Categories: war, care, fantasy, grief, health,

Premium Member Invisible Enemy

We're human beings- masters of this world;
what great accomplishments we have unfurled!
Between each other, we have kept our peace
most of the time- this virtue, we...

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Categories: scary, war,

Premium Member Alzheimers the Worst Disease
As I sit my mind, it drifts away
Away and away to another day.

In another world past I cannot say
What day it is, what year at...

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Categories: war, endurance, friendship love, horror,

Anybody Out There
When did compassion become so rare
Today’s world substantially encompassing despair
Too dependent on artificial intelligence
Forced to adapt to only what assures convenience
How can we get back...

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Categories: war, care, emotions, sympathy,

Warrior's Prayer
May my aim be quick and deadly,
may my rounds hit squarely and true,
may my blade be sharp in its cuts,
may my enemy be left screwed.


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Categories: war, america, conflict, family, freedom,

Would you like to plant a tree
In Jerusalem
Will they finally agree
On Jerusalem
Will the loners listen psalms 
From Jerusalem
Will the rockets miss the walls
Of Jerusalem
Will the...

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Categories: war, blessing, chanukah, christian,

Premium Member Ship of State
Where bound, O ship of state?
Fair winds and wheeling gulls
Followed you out to sea.

O Constitution, Constitution
Stout frigate in peace and war
Once steady in every sea.


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Categories: war, fate, morning, peace, sea,

Cry Quietly
Cry Quietly

Cry quietly, cry alone.
No one wants to see your pain.
No one wants to hear your moans.
You've killed your first V.C. today
And lay shaking in...

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Categories: war,

Premium Member No More War
There should be no more war,
There are none worth fighting for -
High time to buck the trend,
High time for war to end.
We must stand up...

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: conflict, death, fire, war,

Premium Member War Mongers Anonymous
They had run out of vaccine and resigned

Peace spread like a mushroom cloud of goodwill

For the war on mercy there was no pill

In puzzled surrender...

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Categories: war,

Warrior Poet
Deadly to his enemies,
confusing to his friends

While faithful to his writing,
all justified intent

Furious in times of war,
in peace his vision burns

But past the fray inside...

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Categories: poetry, war,

Premium Member Good Night Frozen Landscape
Another overwhelming day passed in the pastures of plenty

The scene was tired and did not warrant a space on the news

Just one more place with...

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Categories: war,

eternal spring

Is this
Blood smeared 

Proclaimed the 
Of peace

The crowd 
Am lost

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© Ritesh Pal  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: war, 9th grade, abuse, allegory,