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Children War Poems

These Children War poems are examples of War poems about Children. These are the best examples of War Children poems written by international poets.

Premium Member The world watches and waits
"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,"
Israel's war crimes, a brutal truth..
The statistics are glaring and growing more bleak.
One thousand Gaze an...

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Categories: bereavement, children, death, war,

Premium Member Never let it anesthetize your soul
Only the dead have seen the end of the war. - George Santayana

Even when I sit at my window,
Watching birds peck the sunflower seeds,
Feeling blessed...

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Categories: war, death, death of a

Premium Member Hamas and Cheese on Rye
Bomb Palestinian women and children
Because Hamas and Cheese are hiding
In people’s basements like a sack of potatoes,
Moldy boxes, and dirt?

Hamas is down there
They’re everywhere,
In the...

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Categories: cry, parody, war,

Premium Member Tendril line

How many more times
Will the body count rise.
How many more times
While truth is denied.
How many more times
Will the rocket bombs fly
In the dark of night

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Categories: war,

Biden Continuing The Tradition of US Interventionism
It makes me wonder if we have learned anything from our War on Terror in the Middle East. Biden gave the impression he understood that....

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Categories: america, children, war,

Premium Member Stop, Stop The Division
Army versus Navy
Navy versus Army
Army versus Army
Navy versus Navy
Stop, stop the division
Stop the separation
Stop the genocide
The bombs, the pesticide
And the bullets are killing
Women, children, our...

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Categories: war, betrayal, conflict, cry, discrimination,

Premium Member The Waltz Of The Werewolves
At high noontime, the tires are burning in the streets
The sound of barking dogs is everywhere; the cats of hell smell
Like never showered rats who...

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Categories: war, anxiety, deep, dream, evil,

Premium Member War To End All Wars
War To End All Wars
It will be the war
On corporate polluters
The corporate polluters
Who deprive Our Children 
Of clean air, clean water and clean food
These corporate...

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Categories: war, 12th grade, pollution,

The world war 3
In the tapestry of turmoil, World War 3 unfolds,
Yemen, America, Palestine—stories of war retold.
Hamas and Israel dance on a contentious stage,
Nations entwined in a conflict...

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Categories: war, absence, abuse, africa, america,

Premium Member Equality of War
As bombs blow at night,
smoke fills hazy skies.
Children cry from fear -
broken toys add angst.
Fathers helpless to
protect their blood,
embrace them tight.
Mothers give birth
but their new-borns

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Categories: conflict, integrity, war,

The Psalm 83 war has already begun part nine
According to Psalm 83:9 Even Assyria has joined them to lend strength
to the children of Lot.  Selah

 The modern name of Assyria is Syria;...

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Categories: war, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Froxy War
The children suffer
The foolishness of adults
As war goes tougher....

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Categories: children, meaningful, violence, war,

The Psalm 83 war has already just begun part 8 Q and A
Q:  Who are the modern day  people of Philistia mentioned in Psalm 83:7.

A:  They are located in the region currently mentioned as...

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Categories: war, 10th grade, 11th grade,

The War That Defies Justification
“The War that Defies Justification”

Redundant billionaires preaching basic information
Incumbent vacant vulnerable  stares looking for personal validation 

Another easily manipulated youth converted to the latest...

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Categories: war, conflict, corruption, death, discrimination,

Premium Member Sipping Coffee
Remember playtime moments shared.
When as two children, nicely paired,
with clinking spoons or tiny cups
pretended coffee like grown-ups.

And, then you said, I am old enough.
I need...

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Categories: war, children, drink, growing up,