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Anti War Poems

These Anti War poems are examples of War poems about Anti. These are the best examples of War Anti poems written by international poets.

CCP Turtles Grassing Line
my latest anti CCP turtle poem--

CCP Turtles Grassing Line
China’s virtual hotline
Report online remarks
Slander Communist Party history
Crack down “bygone nihilists”
Party’s 100th centenary July

Grass line allows society...

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Categories: abuse, satire, war,

She asked the armed forces please don't shoot
A lady of high resolve and definitely so resolute
Kneeling before these men who carried guns 
Without doubt she...

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Categories: anti bullying, blessing, war,

Premium Member What's The Solution
Some Americans
Don't want retaliation
Call them Peace-sayers...

Others want blood now
Bomb them back to the stone age
Call them War-mongers...

And some are just scared
They want to be safe...

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Categories: war, allusion, america, anti bullying,

When the Soldier Came Home
- When the Soldier Came Home -

When the man of war returns to his home town,
When the shock and awe were for another’s toy crown,

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Categories: anti bullying, meaningful, war,

Premium Member Tired Battle Cry
Like a prisoner caught in a cage, wires and strangers
People quietly watching from windows at people on the grasses
Silence in the golden skies while people...

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Categories: war, women,

Premium Member Michael Collins

It has often been said that empires come and go
And from the beginning of time that has been so
Empires ruled with terror and an iron...

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Categories: england, ireland, soldier, war,

Premium Member A Canadian's Letter to Americans: A Thousand Points of Light
A Thousand Points of Light! ! ! ! !

Once a beacon of democracy
A shining light on the hill
The ‘American Dream’
	Anyone can ‘make it’  

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Categories: war, conflict, corruption, leadership, power,

Those Who Conspire Shall Expire
For those who Seek China's Hand,
For those whom China seek thy sand,
For those who gladly lay with this Communist Swine,
For those who shook, danced and...

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Categories: war, america, inspirational, military, political,

Premium Member I Could Hear God Cry
"I Could Hear God Cry"

Would you believe me 
if I told you 
I think God is trying to 
tell us something
I think he has grown

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Categories: war, bible, corruption, god, prejudice,

war we like
wars we like

Do we like wars as long as it is at our doorstep 
the Russians fought in Afghanistan and lost hands down
the USA took...

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Categories: war, absence, anti bullying,

Premium Member war elephant
The yellow star of David if your Jewish
the white star of a racist if you white
One hundred and three prior arrests
get out of jail free...

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Categories: war, america, analogy, anger, anti

Rise O Taiwan
Rise this True Republic, be not afraid,
Strengthen your Loins, arm yourselves and prepare to Invade,
That Marxist-Maoist Dragon! And its Satellite states,
Whom loves death and life...

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Categories: war, independence day, inspiration, inspirational,

We need Rough Men We need Tough Men
Sleep O’Sleep we all must be,
Tucked ourselves between pillows comfy,
While Rough men fought and sacrificed bled,
That’s what the Great Winston Churchill said,

All is talk and...

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Categories: war, inspirational, international, military, peace,

Missing Pilot
out soon

Europa IV – The Long Night Goodbye 
Nick Armbrister and Andy N

Missing Pilot
The girl was very nice
She had a little daughter
And was married

But that...

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Categories: war, conflict, courage, death, desire,

Maos China Must Fall
Beyond what’s said and be done,
Lies the hideous Black Sun,
Whose aim is to run a’ground,
To tear and destroy all around,

Plan in the years passed away,

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Categories: war, america, conflict, courage, crush,