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Life Villanelle Poems

These Life Villanelle poems are examples of Villanelle poems about Life. These are the best examples of Villanelle Life poems written by international poets.

Life is like waves or problem 
Coming together with issues;
Difficult to predict or slam;

Hard to enjoy the sound of  the drum
When the captain of the...

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Categories: boat, care, class, horror,

Premium Member The Missing Piece
You're the missing piece that completes my soul
I would not exist if it weren't for you,
and together, we make each other whole.

Before you, my life...

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Categories: emotions, how i feel,

Brides worldwide
That slow and spectacular gait of a bride
Brimming as she is with nuptial pride
With grace and beauty each regal stride
as invitees whisper, 'here comes the...

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Categories: marriage, wedding,

Villanelle the Foal
Villanelle the Foal

A gripping dance 
(12 men lift a rigid horse onto a pick-up truck).
I drive gate-wide

in the Volvo 
(Mummy, what are they doing with...

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Categories: africa, allegory, animal, appreciation,

Night, The Dark Groom
Bloom of floral life halts at utter gloom
Lives sleep, nevertheless lives come alive
At the break of night, the day of the groom

From chirp to chirp,...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Remembering Sylvia Plath

What she might have been was hidden
Beneath self-destruction and depression
Despair so black it silenced light, war-ridden

Life without purpose, true love forbidden
Leaving darkest doubt lost in...

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Categories: angst, anxiety, confusion, death,

Amendable Stake Of Life Back In School

Schooling life- a main pursuit to learn,
Is surrounded by various impairments:
As much as catching fun-fill cruises, spurn!

Easier said than done- taking the right turn;
Good enough...

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Categories: anxiety, art, blue, crazy,

Premium Member Ballerina

A dainty dancer statue graces a busy pathway
Grace on perfect point for all to see
Heaven’s music beats in her heart every day

Clear crystal happiness begs...

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Categories: dance,

Void of Life
For any glimpse of light he sought,
As he turned to a chiming clock,
But in this world there is naught.

Many years the world had taught,
Of fire,...

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Categories: angst, light,

With His specialty in impossible deed
God works along great miraculous might
Marked by grace, mercy and compassion creed.

Midst omnipotence to meet every need
The Lord answers timely...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, faith,

Through Dawn's Pathway

“Every struggle in my life has been a lesson and made me stronger.”
Quote by – Constance La France

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Categories: inspirational, life,

Pump on, lest death may play its part
Pump on, lest death may play its part,
with weight of sin or righteousness.
It is not ours, this beating heart.

Indeed, when schemes may fall apart,
though souls...

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Categories: imagery, life, wisdom,

Premium Member Communing With Nature
"Has solitude ever led your steps down a forest path . . . "
Quote by_Constance La France

When depression overshadows sunlight
and Nature beckons with Her solitude,

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Categories: anxiety, beautiful, earth, how

After All Life Is But A Twisted Tale
After all, life is but a twisted tale,
Of trying blue; to weigh us, if model.
To find happy rest in all we travail...

Winnings, everyone continually tail,

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Categories: art, betrayal, blue, business,

Through Time You Will Reach Your Own Destined prime

Eternal life makes some kind people's time
To grow wealth, unless it comes natural.
Through time, you will reach your own destined prime!

And keep warm, the hot...

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Categories: africa, age, art, birthday,