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Thing Poems

Thing Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of thing poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for thing.

New Poems

Premium Member 'Random Acts of Kindness'
Snow was falling gently,
        as I walked through the pristine park;
          oh, it was so silent,
      I could hear...Read More
Categories: thing, life,
Form: Verse

All That Was Lost
I'm tired of trying, tired of crying
Deep down inside you knew I've been dying
Im honest with you, I'm not even lying
But my dedication to you was the only thing you're fighting
I loved your face, I loved your laugh
I adored your...Read More
Categories: thing, best friend, betrayal, cry, deep,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member After the Pub Crawl
The glass was half empty until he smashed it on the room divider

		Tequila Sunrise on the wall

Shattered the pieces lay on the ground when he walked on his shards

		Barefoot floored surrender

A bitter taste of guilt as he wretched his way...Read More
Categories: thing, lost love,
Form: Free verse
To budding new poets who value their time
The very best option for you may be rhyme
Though simple by nature a rhyme says a lot
Like words on a cake that your mother has bought

For rhyme is the frosting that covers your...Read More
Categories: thing, humor, poetry, poets, word play, words, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Big Brother's Pickling You
Pickled ham and pickled beef
Cause weak stomachs too much grief

Did you know they pickle cherries
Grandma ate some; said three Hail Marys

In glass jars, store pickled tomatoes
Do not try this with wet potatoes

Russians all swear by pickled herring
Grate in radish and...Read More
Categories: thing, brother, food, silly, word play,
Form: Couplet

Mummy Benny Righteous River
The path of the righteous man

Is beset on either side

Of the torrential river rapids

But i have all the horses on my side

And there are no more fish left to eat

Since the water turned into blood

To be fed upon by a...Read More
Categories: thing, slam,
Form: Free verse
A Bitter Sweet Tragedy
"A Bitter Sweet Tragedy"

   It was a typical mid-morning, on January 15 1919, on Keany Square in
 north Beantown, you could hear the hooves of horses clopping up and down.

   Above the hustle and bustle normally...Read More
Categories: thing, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th
Form: Rhyme
Meet Me By The River
I have been waiting for you by the river
Hoping that you would meet me there
I have been waiting for you by the river
Because we I have so much things to share

Big rocks fastened in the ground
With a melody that is...Read More
Categories: thing, change, courage, dream, encouraging, friendship, joy, love,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member We Did Not See A Problem
Married life was easy and I dearly loved my wife
We thought about the next step we would take
She brought up having children, and adding to our life
We never thought could be a huge mistake :)

The sickness started early, no meal...Read More
Categories: thing, birth,
Form: Ballad
Relationships lV
Falling in love is a natural act of showing intimate interest to another person. Falling in love is normal and it, fortunately, takes no sides between men and women. Falling deeply in love could otherwise mean falling into a deeper...Read More
Categories: thing, allegory, anniversary, anxiety, art, butterfly, care, celebration,
Form: Personification
Unknown Last Name
Night falls so calm like the stars ready to race the sunset, where are you this lovely evening as I have you in mind like the stars ready to bring out this night alive yet lively, I await like the...Read More
Categories: thing, beauty, blessing, deep, desire, fantasy, for him,
Form: I do not know?
My Valentine
If I could go back in time,
I wouldn't change a thing.
When I look at you I see,
What then made my heart sing.

Your beauty and innocence is all I ever see.
Beside you forever and always is where I'll ever be.

When time...Read More
Categories: thing, love hurts, valentines day,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Panda and Oakley Our Dogs
Panda decided to have a serious talk with Oakley
I always have to ride in the backseat, he complained
So tomorrow when we get in the car, can you jump in the back seat?
Oakley barked an okay, but not meaning it actually.

The...Read More
Categories: thing, dog,
Form: Narrative
Time to Forgive
are you tired of wearing a garbage can
around your neck that weighs you
down making your shoulders stoop,
then it is time to forgive

is a good night's sleep a thing of the
past in which you toss and turn until
all your blankets fall...Read More
Categories: thing, forgiveness,
Form: Alliteration
Why didn't you care
Words hurt 
They can trip me up
Whilst leaving me to
Pick up the last of 
My pride
Over time I have become
Used to the hatred and
To the lies
But that doesn’t mean 
That I wasn’t still 
Affected by them
Once these words were said
I...Read More
Categories: thing, hate, hurt,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I'll Help Carry Your Hefty Load
              Unburden yourself, 
      lest you collapse underneath
         or snap your spine in two.
...Read More
Categories: thing, allegory, analogy, endurance, strength, sympathy,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Often
So often you have fear of what I did
with thoughts way deep inside from days of youth.
But darling I must ask you to forgive
because the love I have’s the only truth.

So often you have fear that love gets killed.
You cannot...Read More
Categories: thing, heartbroken, love,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member My Dad is Gone
My heart aches for you more each day
I wish life could have gone another way
I knew you were ill but still holding on
Someday I will accept you are really gone

I stare at your obituary posting and just cry
It was just...Read More
Categories: thing, emotions, father, grief, sad,
Form: Rhyme
And He Cried
In front of impending disaster

He stood there

Right beside the operation theater

Watching his parents

Going mad with pain

A thousand thoughts were flowing in his mind

What would happen if his brother couldn’t survive

The doors get opened

What he feared the most just happened

His mother...Read More
Categories: thing, care, men, poetry, psychological, relationship, silence, sorrow,
Form: Free verse
In the Valley
In the valley where
Life is lived as intended
Happiness is widespread
As far as any eye can see.
Joy and love reign
As peace and blessings
Fall from above.
Minor disagreements though
Few and far between,
Met with acceptance and
Understanding are 
Respectfully resolved with
Knowledge and equality
For the good...Read More
Categories: thing, 9th grade, beautiful, bible, devotion, inspiration, jesus,
Form: Prose Poetry
Dear Suicide
Dear Suicide

If you were standing with me,
as in a person or a thing.
I’d beat you, 
and I don’t just mean to win.
I’d beat you till you begged me, 
and then I’d beat you more.
Until your bones broke through your skin,...Read More
Categories: thing, anger, evil, heartbroken, hurt, sad,
Form: Narrative
Moments In Love
It’s been so long since I’ve seen you
Even longer since I felt your voice
Whispering in my ear.
I miss the way you made me feel
Whenever you touched me.
Your kisses were so soft
Like down feather pillows.
Your hugs embraced me
Like a winter comforter.
Feelings...Read More
Categories: thing, anger, fantasy, for him, i miss you,
Form: Prose
His Masterpiece
I was born
A diamond in the rough
I am poetry in motion
Riddled with imperfections but
Flawlessly and wonderfully made
In the eyes of our Master,
A piece made in His likeness.
How I came to be
Dates back to the beginning
Of an eternity.
I have coarse hair
Like...Read More
Categories: thing, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th
Form: Free verse
by Michael R. Burch

love was a little treble thing?
prone to sing
and sometimes to sting

Keywords/Tags: Love, Honey, Bee, Honeybee, Honeypot, Honeycomb, Nectar, Clover, Sweet, Sweets, Humor, Humorous, Light Verse, Treble, Song, Songbird, Sing, Singing, Buzz, Buzzing, Abuzz, Hive, Queen, Drone, Worker,...Read More
Categories: thing, bird, funny love, humor, humorous, love, song,
Form: Epigram
valentines day love song
coaxing elf with green in hair
be my valentine as I lay my heart bare
"the only thing I want is you love me if u can can
I only ask you love me as I am 
I'm not looking for perfection
I cant...Read More
Categories: thing, valentines day,
Form: Free verse