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Teachers Day Poems

Teachers Day Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about teachers day. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for teachers day.

New Poems

Thank You Teacher
Thank You, Teacher
Teachers all on knowledge dine
And they unlock their students' minds.
So they can reach the path  divine 
We really are a special kind.

We are mentors that push student's yearning
We teach them...Read More
Categories: appreciation, childhood, education, life, teacher, teachers day,
Form: Rhyme

He Was The Music Man
He Was The Music Man

Mr Pankridge
was a totem pole,
red-haired, blue-mouthed militant,
Six-foot, tip-toeing, tangle-footed trip hazard.
“The Music Wizard”
or “Hanky Panky” if he’s grumpy.
He could spit Mussorgsky
across a classroom like a cherry stone.  
...Read More
Categories: appreciation, high school, student, teacher, teachers day,
Form: Free verse
My Favorite Teacher

It might have felt lost,
In the big world of old age pillars;
 once those tiny hands slipped away,
 from being her fathers fillers.

From afar came Her,
 Assuring him Of me;
and hers was I to take care of.
 With...Read More
Categories: poetry, relationship, teacher, teachers day, thank you,
Form: Free verse
As Your called teachers*, Lord, we thank You with joyful praises
Which You surely deserve along what Your Deity enforces 
Keep us jubilantly awed by Your amazing, miraculous graces
While singing to You through our hymn-spirited voices
And rejoicing in Your salvation-assurance that...Read More
Categories: teachers day, appreciation, christian, devotion, god, jesus, teacher, teachers
Form: Rhyme
Dedicated to all teachers in the world, inclusion of lecturers, professors et al

T rained to train
E mbellished wits shelled in distinction
A lpha of acumen, Omega of brains
C onfetti of efforts contract into a porringer
H oisted hood, encompassing passion
E lectrifying zeal...Read More
Categories: teacher, teachers day,
Form: Acrostic

Great life coaches and goal directors
We greet you on this jubilant day
Accorded to all genuine mentors
Who build lives midst best triumphant way.

Wondrous teachers’ day, dear instructors
We thank you; your goodness we can’t pay   
You stir hearts become love-conductors
And...Read More
Categories: appreciation, christian, god, jesus, teacher, teachers day,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Kindergarten Song
Let’s do the happy dance. Cha. Cha. Cha.
Let’s sing and clap. Rah. Rah. Rah. 
Let’s say hello to our friends.
Lah Dah Dee Dah Dee Dah
Sing our jazzy tune
Fly to the moon
Come sweetie
Take my
...Read More
Categories: teachers day, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th
Form: Nonet
Premium Member Age Does Matter in Crisscross Applesauce
Age three, crisscross apple sauce, hands in your lap.
Age five, scooting a few inches, to let whole class in.
Age twenty-three, fresh out of college, a brand new teacher,
Criss-cross applesauce in the circle with your kindergarteners.

Age thirty-four, sitting on chair, in...Read More
Categories: age, school, teacher, teachers day,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Give me the Unruly Child with Lots of Energy
Evilness has not reared his head in my world.
I know nothing of it, really, and do not pretend to.
The devilish ways of mischievous mites and sprites
Makes me happy. I love their keen confidence.

Give me an unruly child, with lots of...Read More
Categories: school, teacher, teachers day,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member You are Doing it Wrong
When I was a young, enthusiastic student teacher 
They assigned me to a woman who used to tear me down daily
When I said "Boys and girls" she would be behind me saying
"You are saying it wrong".

It was a traumatic experience,...Read More
Categories: teachers day, leadership, motivation, school, sorry, student, teacher, teachers
Form: Narrative
We celebrate Valentines day , we celebrate Teachers day ,
we celebrate childrens day , we celebrate mothers day .

Alas ! Why we don't celebrate a poor beggar's day ?
A beggar on the roadside ,
With stick and a begging bowl on...Read More
Categories: teachers day, 10th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, bereavement,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Best Teacher Ever
Coming in a windstorm,
Twirling her crazy,
Laughing maniacally
Loving us gladly.

We adore our fifth grade teacher.
She finds us all mad.
In a great and glorious way.
We are lively, and happy.

Best school year ever.
Feeling her crazy
Loving our lessons,
Enthusiasm sells!

...Read More
Categories: teachers day, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 7th
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Teachers are Bag Ladies
Bags upon bags upon piles within piles of bags
Yes, teachers are the ultimate bag-ladies.
Rarely but occasionally a bag-man steps into our midst
But here at the elementary school it is usually women
Who drag in carrying bag upon bag upon pile upon...Read More
Categories: school, teacher, teachers day,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member We are Wearing Pajamas Today
We are wearing pajamas today.
We are super heroes, butterflies, unicorns, and mice.
We have slippers with long rat tails.
Mine are gorillas with red light-up eyes.

One or two have tails.
My zebra suit has lost his tail.
Pulled off long ago,
But do not worry....Read More
Categories: school, teacher, teachers day,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Unicorns Are Real
I brought two six-year-old girls to my office to play an alphabet game.
They needed experience, and I like to pretend I am doing something.
They were to match the letter with the picture of something that started with the letter.
Not so...Read More
Categories: teachers day, growing up, happiness, nice, school, sweet, teacher,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Tenure
I am sneaking in a bit of me time again.
Maniacal laughter here
In actuality, I sneak in a bit of work in between my me-times.
Luckily, they do not know
As no one keeps an eye on me anymore.
They are afraid of what...Read More
Categories: school, teacher, teachers day,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Babysitting First Graders
This is a first grader’s day
I build a house! I build a house!
Another first grader chimes in.
It has a mouse! And maybe a louse!
Third first grader yells “Hey, that rhymes!”
“Chimes! Limes! Times! Crimes!”
By the time the teacher arrives back
from her...Read More
Categories: school, teacher, teachers day,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Guess Where I Work
Sparkling gold sequined top.
Glitzy shamrock necklace with twinkly silver chain.
Neon-green gemstone on one hand, pearl on the other.
Spider pin with a fat amber gemstone body and turquoise legs.
I threw on my multi-colored sparkly beads too, for good measure.
I want everyone...Read More
Categories: teachers day, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Where is Our Real Teacher
Where is our real teacher?
Substitute teachers get asked this hourly.
Maybe even every eight minutes.

Sometimes I give a teacher a bathroom break.
Especially a pregnant teacher.
They need it more often.
And are so grateful!

A spaceship got her, I tell them.
Smiling smugly.
Watching their faces.
Either...Read More
Categories: teachers day, fun, funny, humor, humorous, school, teacher, teachers
Form: Free verse
Your Avacado Tones
If asked..but no one ever will
What I miss most
I am torn
Is it the champagne of your skin? The silken purity
Or your Love in its rawest most vulnerable desperate clinging clutching beauty
Or is it the avacadoness of your voice?
Your rolling...Har
you spoke...Read More
Categories: absence, food, love, teachers day,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Day in the Life of the First Grader
This is how a first grader’s day goes. 
Six of them are at a table playing with Legos
Which is kind of the new less-messy playdough of today.
They are singing, of course, being happy.

“I’m building a house! I’m building a house!”
“Mine...Read More
Categories: school, teacher, teachers day,
Form: Light Verse
How far my friends in the west
How far my diaspora classmates
We are one in the race of life
For we are all labourers
So how far my good people
Of work and eat in the field
Of labour
School teachers how well
Can the pupils grow...Read More
Categories: career, character, dedication, teachers day, visionary, wisdom,
Form: Didactic
Satisfied Teacher
By George P. Lumayag

I need not to be great!
I need not to be daring,
And I need not to be perfect,
I only care my students.

In the classrooms, in the Computer Lab,
And from school going home,
I am satisfied that my students
Listen, participate,...Read More
Categories: teachers day, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Learning In My Best Way Helping Others
Nothing bothers me, not today.
I relax into the knowledge. No one can irritate me.
Because I have done my best, today.
Delighted forty people, maybe more…

Children - second, third and fourth graders.
My day is complete.  I congratulate myself.
Nothing bothers me, not...Read More
Categories: teachers day, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Learning Science From Miss Bee
Miss Bee has a horsey face and looks truly old.
Miss Bee was weird and tall, and sounded truly bold.
I saw her and was instantly and utterly put off.
Her voice was scratchy, like a worn-out brillo cough.
But soon her love for...Read More
Categories: teachers day, 10th grade, 11th grade, 6th grade, 7th
Form: Rhyme