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Tagging Poems

Tagging Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of tagging poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for tagging.

New Poems

Premium Member Our Star The Sun
Our Star The Sun

We hither, simultaneously exposed, upon this earth go merrily around it,
As a star amidst the number's relinquished half of the energetic lifetime,
Life well-spent, we're part of its reciprocal beneficiaries earning a profit,
Business, as usual, might be its...Read More
Categories: tagging, poetry, sun,
Form: Rhyme


Look at the glaring blank sky
Where no bird dares to fly 
Fear grips their heart 
The wings, a fall

Look over your left shoulder
Pride will be tagging you
The one who offends
But stays aloof

Look over your right shoulder
You will find the following...Read More
Categories: tagging, care,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Scalding Reality
Every fact, every 15 minutes,
someone, somewhere in America
picks up a gun and kills another person
for reasons unfathomable

It's a harsh, scalding reality...

Every now and then in our society
someone who shouldn't have an assault rifle,
takes it to school, or into a...Read More
Categories: tagging, anger, horror, political, society, truth, violence,
Form: Political Verse
italian bouquet
a french word
that doesn't
in italian

spanish for words
so mazzo di 
fiori or ramo 
de flores

mean a bouquet
of flowers but
since its our

can only mean
love as we
hand in

of the chapel pelted
by eco friendly 
bird seed
of rice

without a car they
have tied empty
clanking...Read More
Categories: tagging, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Hallelujah, heavens just waiting for you
Old sounding promises seemed sorta true,
unless it happened otherwise for you?
convenience sake or perhaps just is 
planetary alignments making your “fizz”
complexity resurrects a new hopeful night
inviting you always to flick bic your light
emboldened by others who don’t really see
leaving you...Read More
Categories: tagging, inspiration,
Form: Blank verse

Ode to My Hero
You are my dog until the day I die 

Black nose always sniffing
Pink tongue always licking
Blue eye always shifting
Brown paws always kicking

Purple collar always tagging along
Following behind me with your little brown paws
I love you so much Hero you just...Read More
Categories: tagging, 12th grade, death of a friend, dog,
Form: Lyric
Donating My FB Account
In this materialistic era
Poeple are praised who donates
Some donating plot & land
Some donating throat and hand 
Some donating eyes profound
Some donating money in huge amount 
My inspired Heart 
Pound social sound 
& I decided to donate 
my facebook account 
To...Read More
Categories: tagging, addiction, change, for teens, giving, internet, nonsense,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Something New
Something New

I would like to buy a brand new shirt
So I can attract that silly mini-skirt
I’m tired of being a funny flakey flirt
Even knowing I’m an all-out introvert

I would like to buy brand new shoes
With rolled up sleeves and new...Read More
Categories: tagging, courage, dedication, motivation,
Form: Rhyme
Journeying through Life
All alone
just by myself
I journey through life,
Many walk alongside
but all along I walk alone.

Slowly, steadily
at an even pace,
Resting but a wee while
Milestone after milestone
I walk but wearily 
the well-trodden path of life,
Never straying afar
Never wading into the rough waters
Just anxious...Read More
Categories: tagging, journey, life,
Form: Free verse
Indigenous Creatures of My Writing Desk
There is an antique writing desk
in my little study
from generations of would-be
writers in my family

And there are ancient creatures
from days gone by
living in this old desk still
evil, larcenous little creatures
envious of literary skill

This explains much

Lately, I have caught them unawares
aghast,...Read More
Categories: tagging, anxiety, feelings, humor, humorous, imagination, nonsense, writing,
Form: Free verse

Don Ask Me Bout Exacerbation Of Trumpeted FAKE News
Don Ask Me 'Bout Exacerbation Of Trumpeted "FAKE" News

The prez best get sent packing
     to Lake woebegone
forced to coexist amidst University
     of Pennsylvania Dutch
     men in breaches
(May Apple...Read More
Categories: tagging, 12th grade, america, corruption, fashion, fate, fear,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Wild Horses of Corolla

High in the dunes, feeding on Beach Grass,
Looking over their land in the Carova sand,
Majestic, they stand.
On the beach they frolic and roll,
Mares and stallions enjoying a stroll,
Tagging along are the trailing foals.
Stallions challenge others the same,
As another band of...Read More
Categories: tagging, adventure, beach, horse,
Form: Rhyme
Something CONCRETE is Something I CANT CHEAT
feeling way proper gloating and bragging.
flagging off those minor alarms, faking.
Friends finding themselves in , by my  tagging.
notification speaking in tongues, ringing.

fabric barely stay long.
cotton sings a loosen up song.
only my human being sees nothing wrong.
but a significant...Read More
Categories: tagging, adventure,
Form: Concrete
restless sleep... the nightmares..
i shut my eyes some-wheres.
to find myself upstairs...
gasping... gagging...

in a darkroom hidden...
i felt as if chidden...
was I in a midden...
my guilt... bragging...

thinking I was dying...
face wet... i'd been crying...
my eye's felt blank...prying...
voices slagging...

she won't catch us again...
she's...Read More
Categories: tagging, nature,
Form: I do not know?
Summer strolls
Love warm evening summer strolls
Kids rock everywhere we roll
Upon bank of creek bed cast out ultra light fishing pole
Serenity of nature speaks to the core of my soul

Moving towards the sun as it descends slowly behind a hill
Mesmerized by glorious...Read More
Categories: tagging, summer,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member SUPER ARMAND

Tall and handsome was super Armand
Younger days spent in a music boyband
Older he graduated to a heavy rock band
With the stage name of “Collapsin’ Grandstand”

Last summer Armand took a cruise trip to Greenland
Because that was his deep rooted fatherland
Then a...Read More
Categories: tagging, celebrity, fun, music, passion, travel, tribute, youth,
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member Ancient Tree, Treasure And Mystery Even Poe Could Not Solve
Ancient Tree, Treasure And Mystery Even Poe Could Not Solve
 PART ONE -("The Darkness Poe Discovered")

The old tree was tall, dark and gnarly too
Massive limbs reaching up to strike the sky
Once seen, it would hold you like super glue
Only with...Read More
Categories: tagging, dark, death, evil, fantasy, raven, riddle, tree,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Hashtag Me Too
                                 #Hashtag Me Too
#I like you
#me too
#me too...Read More
Categories: tagging, absence, abuse, anger, anxiety, betrayal, caregiving, change,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Peter a birthday gift
Peter (a birthday gift)

having not met in this reality
knowing him only by words
and the images captured 
like still painted souls
in the magic box
I am free to dress him
in whatever thought 
captures, as still life
in my bag of words.

scent of wind...Read More
Categories: tagging, birthday,
Form: Free verse
The angry mom song
I am fed up with being an angry mom
I'm fit to be tied and their doing it wrong
I didn't ask for much, just some time alone
But 4 busy hands are tagging along

Oh how I love them.  Let me count...Read More
Categories: tagging, funny, parents,
Form: Free verse

Aloof the satisfaction of my indifference, I identified this taboo that seem to chime deeper into the ears of my heart demanding the poet's write undivided attention.

I got cut off from the rest of the world in a Bamenda depicting...Read More
Categories: tagging, africa, conflict,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Frolic in the Off-Leash Dog Park
With a wag of tail and tongue bedraggled
dogs drag their owners to frolic off-leash
in parks devoted to dog meets dog dalliance and play.

Despite their authority, the owners know each
not by the owner’s names, but by the names of the dogs.
“Where’s...Read More
Categories: tagging, dog,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Of Winks and Wings - Short Conclusion
     But here's another odd item, one that gives me a very funny, almost queasy feeling, whenever I think on it long enough. Ever since that day with Clarence, whenever I go to the park pond...Read More
Categories: tagging, autumn, life, lost love, nature, soulmate,
Form: Free verse
Morning movements
Bees in jumpsuits cannot really fly but caterpillar boats can go very very fast down the canals. It is an oversized cake that bungee jumps for the longest period of time at the sponge competitions where the cream of trophies...Read More
Categories: tagging, animal, , cute,
Form: I do not know?
Leading Me To Sunday
Wasn't written in the scriptures you'd be found
twin bunnies hopping along side with the summer
little Ronny Johnson's sister tagging right along
stolen glances and secret kisses 
swinging together on the old tire swing
back before father called you home

That was then before...Read More
Categories: tagging, journey, love, memory, missing you,
Form: Free verse