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Synapse Poems

Synapse Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of synapse poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for synapse.

New Poems

Non-Verbal Exchange
Her exhalation of loin lucidity
mentally fertilizes
my inhalation with ova clarity

Silent eyes move with
midnight aura imperative speed
Time dilation purity 
seem to halo heat signature read

Twin soul synchronicity
mirrors a muffled, 
dual embrace reciprocity:
A horizontal transmission need

Sigh    ...  ...Read More
Categories: synapse, love, science, sensual, together,
Form: Romanticism

medication meditation
am i swallowing
them or are they
swallowing me

the hourglass has
been turned over
for another minute

and with each second
it seems the quicksand
is quickly taking me

deeper down a rabbit's
hole darker than dark
nothing to see i can't

even see the darkness
and though a synapse
sparks i think...Read More
Categories: synapse, muse,
Form: I do not know?
One Last Dream
You are here
Skin to skin
Warm and sweet
Covering me whole
core and soul
I visualise our unity
A heavenly spell
The delicacies of our synapse
The scattering atoms, 
Heat and sound waves 
That bind us together
The metamorphosis of our bodies
Into fire and ice
Though distant are our...Read More
Categories: synapse, i miss you,
Form: Free verse
to be Frank
am i
that the
writing rite
for those of who
have partaken in it


own way
even safe to
say a particular 
personal but not always 


that same
that caused an
equal but opposite
reaction the first time a 
synapse sparked pleasurably

then a minute
but in no time
now minutely

even simple
things...Read More
Categories: synapse, muse,
Form: I do not know?
rodent of choice
all the wheels
are still 
so no 
lights light 
my darkness

this must be
sleep for a
circus finds
me when i'm
awake so i must

make but 
with only a few 
to power a turntable
to start turning churning 
out Proud Mary but would

need thousands with
a thousand...Read More
Categories: synapse, muse,
Form: I do not know?

Laps and Gaps in My Synapse
Laps and Gaps in My Synapse

Synapse definition, a region where nerve impulses 
are transmitted and received, encompassing the axon 
terminal of a neuron that releases neurotransmitters 
in response to an impulse, an extremely small gap 
across which the neurotransmitters travel,...Read More
Categories: synapse, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Feliz cumpleanos la senora Dunning
Feliz cumpleaños la señora Dunning

Fifty seven orbitz didst elapse
circling with thee around the sun
and nary sign ye will collapse
anytime soon, I hoop fully reckon
untold massages nervously
await to cross proper synapse.

Foolhardy of me
(doubting Thomas) in previous
years perhaps spiteful and mean
to forego...Read More
Categories: synapse, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, adventure,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member Synapse
Fig mint
An imaginary high
Word stints
Laugh until you cry
Edged closer
All syncopathic rated
The meaning yet debated
...Read More
Categories: synapse, deep, psychological, science, surreal,
Form: Rhyme
oddly ozzy
the constant
music in my mind
melodic loops
and melodies

transposed lines
juxtapose the left
brain video that
could be a photo

of you
for you
to me

your face filling
the screen but only
your eyes blink
as your silver smile

stays the same
all the while
my soundtrack
plays back around

again and again
the electric guitar
synapse riff...Read More
Categories: synapse, muse,
Form: I do not know?
M134 minigun synapse
in a rapid wing
hovering even
slow motion
needs to be
slowed down

even the beating
needs to be set
from prestissimo
to larghissimo

tried to capture
the hummelflug
but this poem is
for the caliber of
the angelic colibri...Read More
Categories: synapse, muse,
Form: I do not know?

Premium Member Who's In Control Up There

Today, a screech from a hawk reminded me 
Of being in a car wreck years ago, like
The synapse door to my remembrance room opened
And the memory came down the conveyor belt
Into the window of my mind to arrive unannounced
Who’s in...Read More
Categories: synapse, funny, memory,
Form: Free verse
The neurogenesis is taking place,and it is taking place beyond the speed of light where "TIME STOPS"!!!"Computers need to "Obey" Their "Creator"and he is the one who created "The Universe"and all of mankind! In pixels,bits,and bytes will there be an...Read More
Categories: synapse, 12th grade, adventure, america, angel, appreciation, art,
Form: Narrative
Almighty Silence
Of the truth

Of the almighty

Last synapse 
Of a feeling

Nerve ending
Of a forgotten

(Villanova Pennsylvania: May, 2016) 
...Read More
Categories: synapse, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Restlessness, impulsiveness,
loquaciousness, compulsiveness,
distracted inattentiveness 
and tangent railway tracks.

Complexities, anxieties 
and dopamine deficiencies.
Instant gratification please,
relief for my synapse.

Procrastination, wired sensation,
biochemical frustration,
forget to take my medication. 
Frontal lobe relapse.

Rapid heartbeat, fidgety feet,
hypervigilant, unable to sleep,
central nervous system freak.
Neurological cracks....Read More
Categories: synapse, anxiety, emotions, feelings, fun, psychological, rap, words,
Form: Rhyme

Digging up buried bones of the past,
formaldehyde memories ... crypt debris
Re-examining works long dead,
suspicions placed once again
under the microscope

Detect an exhumed lie,
skeletal remains 
of a premature buried alibi

Neurotic twisted logic 
Myelin tears fill the missing synapse link
of a soil carpet...Read More
Categories: synapse, allusion, longing, truth, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Save The Walnut: Inspired by The Overstory
There’s not a sound
In the woods
But for the lone, heavy
Of a walnut
From its tree
To the ground,
That the Earth
Is not hollow.

I’m startled by the thud, so thick, so full
It could be a bull
Stomping its hoof into a dry field,

But, the Earthy...Read More
Categories: synapse, environment, judgement, myth, nature, peace, science, tree,
Form: Free verse
Dummy Behind the Will

This fleeting love was so
Mustang GTO
One zero zero mpg galloping flow
Past percentages said: don’t make the wrong turn
Cool convertible joyride took a cardiac slow burn,
lip swerve around the infidelity curve
Rubber denials hit the road,
asphalt inquiries touched a raw nerve
Infatuated wheels...Read More
Categories: synapse, allusion, heartbreak, love hurts, metaphor,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Almighty Silence
Of the truth

Of the almighty

Last synapse 
Of a feeling

Nerve ending
Of a forgotten

(Villanova Pennsylvania: May, 2016) 
...Read More
Categories: synapse, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Theater of Utter Charm Part 17
Part 17

a kitchen drawer filled with throwaway lines
taped across the raw spots
itching festering inquiries eh inspector
asking the unavoidable
if we know how we got here
there's a better chance to know
where the fated flatulence we are going
if beauty is misused is it...Read More
Categories: synapse, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Suppress Servile Stress
I rue chances missed and days spent
Prevaricating whether to break the ice
Hold back, keep a low profile with my back bent
In a vow to sprinkle no more spice

In moves and grooves meant to cosset pride
Keeping up appearances to impress
Crowds that...Read More
Categories: synapse, poems,
Form: Free verse
critical cerebral synapse doth momentarily induce lapse
thy body electric experiences 
     constant dry cough and wheeze'n 
perhaps explainable 
     via my headstrong commander in chief 

     o' me fifty nine shades of gray matter...Read More
Categories: synapse, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, crush,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Poetics Of Ideas
Traveling faster than thought, down a flashing Filkish road,                               ...Read More
Categories: synapse, adventure, art, celebration, culture, inspirational, perspective, poetry,
Form: Free verse
obsessive Constraints part one
Thy birth on January 13th – 
   cervical contractions 
   would not abate
the pesky master (papa), strove 
   to synchronize seminal bait

thence, forty-two weeks 
   after ma parents did pro create 
imminent...Read More
Categories: synapse, growth, hate, hurt, self, stress, teenage, youth,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Pearl Diving
Meager thoughts, meager talents. 
In love with life, 
too brain bound to write it. 
Wait, there is one now!
A pearl in the dreck. 

Found by a synapse,
uncovered by a warm shower, 
out from the muck
and the dull.

Carefully...Read More
Categories: synapse, allusion,
Form: Free verse
Jet Lag
Many things improve with age,
Like wine and certain cheeses,
But others turn to hurricanes
What once were gentle breezes.

Like jet lag – for the younger folk,
It barely makes a ripple,
While older flyers feel effects
In double, even triple.

For hours in an airplane,
In your...Read More
Categories: synapse, age, flying,
Form: Rhyme