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Switchblade Poems

Switchblade Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of switchblade poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for switchblade.

New Poems

I thought about Killing You part 1
I cant lie I've thought about killing you,
There's nothing genuine or even remotely real in you,
Be honest there's some twisted excitement,
some sort of thrill in you,
I would fire every bullet from this gun,and walk over just to check if they...Read More
Categories: switchblade, anger,
Form: Rhyme

Unholy Persuasion

Always the weapon
and never the truth
the woeful prediction
of life's terrorism
shall always end in death

Ah such a bastion
for the ammunition of fear
to afford the devils consumption
of every soul living here
in tortuous redemption
those switchblade centuries have controlled

All for heaven
in martyrs agony
the suffering...Read More
Categories: switchblade, betrayal, faith,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member My Consuming Mania
Over you.
Thoughts are like knives
Stabbing at my brain,
Killing me; thought by thought,
My consuming mania!
I need to crawl out of my skin
To get away from the cutting edge
Before switchblade thoughts of you do me in.

Contest: 1-10 Lines Old or New
Sponsor: Rick...Read More
Categories: switchblade, angst, dark, lost love,
Form: Etheree
A Mafia Comedy
Poet heads up note: This poem is rated pg for some violence.

Born into a mafia family,
with his umbilical cord in a knot,
he took his first breath
as his Mom lay on the cot,
his Dad was big, tough and burly,
while his new...Read More
Categories: switchblade, father son, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Workplace harassment
Workplace harassment is rife, alive and well, 
Occurring too often in this pseudo company.
Derogatory, condescending words roared, inches from your face, 
Sounding like a battlesque symphony.

People in charge making foolish demands,
Then usurping workers places, employing visible stealth.
Not being productive, effective...Read More
Categories: switchblade, bullying, work,
Form: Quatrain

In A Perfect World
In a perfect world, no one would be depressed
hopeless, or opressed.
People could just be who they are,
without others thinking they are bizarre.
I could walk down the street without being afraid
of a man coming at me with a switchblade.
A person of...Read More
Categories: switchblade, anti bullying, appreciation, beautiful, depression, freedom, inspiration,
Form: Couplet
Devil is Mine
My soul is not for sale
I will be victorious at the end of that tale
I’m not afraid of apostle of hell
It is when they heard me walls of Jericho fell

I disagree with grand design
Especially when blood flows like wine
You think...Read More
Categories: switchblade, anger,
Form: Free verse
Nothing to hold, yet
Strained by light, becoming a shadow, hiding in that shell
Crawling in the dream a brief reality

Hell no I said
I laugh because it's funny, you know?
But for some reason unknown to me 
I'm emotionally stuck! Hahahaha
To think of...Read More
Categories: switchblade, depression,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A TAEL to TAIL

Early in the MOURNING I usually went out,
To ride my bike on a FLOUR filled route.
BUTT because of the WHEATHER, today I changed,
A nice ride in the evening I had arranged.

I found myself riding THREW the dark scary WOULDS,
A BARE...Read More
Categories: switchblade, adventure, bible, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
I want to get a guillotine
to cut off your head
I want to shoot you
while you are asleep in bed

I want to stab you
with a switchblade knife
I want to murder you 
and disappear into the night

I want to beat you
with a...Read More
Categories: switchblade, death, hate, murder,
Form: Free verse

Lyrical Crimes
This ink switchblade scraped the page
Imbibed by my musical sage
This isn't just a love sick cantata
A heartless melody, baby hold that fermata
Oh look out! More lyrical crimes
Hear me butcher these rhymes?
My murderous hymn in 4/4 times...Read More
Categories: switchblade, rap, slam, writing,
Form: Rhyme

To everything turn, turn, turn ~

Standing upon the ledges edge; uncovered

As peering about her city lights below?!

Gathering in biopsies water colours

Moments splashed atop their vestige be neons

Dissecting organisms called life; time

Seeking purlieu sorties reasons incised!?

Lifted, from his palette of brushed;...Read More
Categories: switchblade, angel, art, autumn, love,
Form: I do not know?
A Bad Shortcut
This season, the Easter Bunny was running late.
He made a bad decision that sealed his fate.
Nobody can say that his choice was good.
He took a shortcut through a low-income neighborhood.
Some young hood carrying a switchblade knife,
put an end to the...Read More
Categories: switchblade, death, holiday, easter, easter,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Summer Fever
As I sit, staring out the window
'Bring back the sun' rings in my ear;
Constantly echoing in my mind,
destroying me like a switchblade;
Eating me from inside
feverish, I long for Summer...Read More
Categories: switchblade, seasons, summer, me,
Form: ABC
To everything..
Turn, turn, turn
Standing upon this ledges edge
Uncovered as peering amid
The city lights below
Biopsies water colours..
Moments splashed about
This vestige of neons
Dissecting organisms hues called life ?
Time, seeking purlieu sorties
Reasons incised..
Lifted from the palette
Of brushed; their rhyme.
...Read More
Categories: switchblade, happiness,
Form: Free verse

To everything turn, turn, turn ~

Standing upon this ledges edge; uncovered

As peering amid the city lights below?!

Gathering in biopsies water colours....

Moments splashed upon the vestige of neons

Dissecting organisms called life; time

Seeking purlieu sorties reasons incised!?

Lifted from the palette of brushed;...Read More
Categories: switchblade, hope, life, love,
Form: I do not know?
Murder Most Fouled Up for Getting Away with Murder Contest
We want to rub him out, blot him from the face of the Earth,
Feed what’s left to the worms and let them claim his worth.

        OK, I’m in, but how do we go...Read More
Categories: switchblade, funny, me,
Form: Light Verse
The cold digging in my grave
Your voice I hear in the mist
Carry me to your arms
Warm next to your bosom
Safe within thy womb
Until I'm not affraid

Conscious I'll be
When you set me free
Not for the world:
The crystal ship not sailing
The snow...Read More
Categories: switchblade, confusion, me, me,
Form: Free verse
Switchblade Tragedy
Instant friction
Lost in a fiction
A certain malnutrition
Of the world we live in
Can't stop this rejection
Familiarization is a complication
A mirrored reflection
Down to the core of perfection

These are my switchblade tragedies
Deal on a dime
Don't know what it means
Just a lost cause with...Read More
Categories: switchblade, dedication, life, world,
Form: Rhyme
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *           ...Read More
Categories: switchblade, inspirational, life, love, passion,
Form: Free verse

Ok -   if mouse is pluralised to mice
And  louse becomes   lice

So  grouse should become  grice
Perhaps  spouse  pluralises to spice

And two girls wearing blouses so nice  
Are...Read More
Categories: switchblade, funny
Form: Monorhyme
The DP
The dark prince and his ever dark bride,
They sit together on the beast they ride.

The dark prince and his forever dark maid,
Sharp tongues like any knife or switchblade.

Talking back and forth like an evil river flow,
They are both invited to...Read More
Categories: switchblade, inspirationaldark, dark,
Form: Couplet
Fallen Warrior
Fallen warrior
I miss you.
You were my homie I 
talked to when times were
You were there to cheer 
me up when at times I was 
You turned me friendly
whenever I was mad.
Fallen warrior
I love you
you were my brother like 
no other.
we...Read More
Categories: switchblade, lost love, love
Form: Lyric
I found the power to turn beauty to a pig.
As we sit at the edge of the bridge
Do you expect me to jump?
I found the power to turn beauty to a pig
and my methods are out of control.

I only pushed you away cause I love you.
I only hope to...Read More
Categories: switchblade, confusion, dedication, depression, devotion, forgiveness, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend,
Form: Free verse
Your Name

                                      I whisper...Read More
Categories: switchblade, death
Form: Elegy