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Good Morning Sweet Poems

These Good Morning Sweet poems are examples of poetry about Good Morning Sweet. These are the best examples of Sweet Good Morning poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Sweet Nothings
I always say good morning
I always say good night
I send them telepathically
If they don't come by write
So if your heart starts ringing
The phone call is...

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Categories: sweet, devotion, good morning, good

Premium Member Better Late Than Never
Good morning Mr. Sunshine your journey's underway
Have you come across any pocket penguins on your rise today?
I'm looking for one specifically, on her I am...

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Categories: sweet, for her, i love

Premium Member A Simple 'Good Morning'
Brought to me this morning 
Lighting up my day
Under wraps so warming
Everything to say
Bereft the night before
I missed the conversation 
Returned to me once more...

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Categories: sweet, i love you, i

Premium Member Good Morning, Sunshine
I'll fly out to Columbus 
Let me think, maybe I'll just drive
Oh I'll take my time to get there
Via country roads, won't strive
Even though it...

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Categories: sweet, for her, i love

Premium Member Good Night-Good Morning
I woke up to the sunrise
The sunrise was your face
Imagine waking to that every day
A thought I do embrace

At first I thought it was a...

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Categories: sweet, for her, i love

Premium Member 0550
Good morning sunshine, time to rise 
Now wipe the sleep out of your eyes
The day has dawned to start anew
I hope today bodes well for...

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Categories: sweet, i love you, love,

Share Happiness
Hello. Good morning  afternoon. Or night
I hope your day is really bright
With joy love and happiness
A plenty supply that is endless
Share it with others...

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Categories: happiness, sweet, world,

Good Morning Princess
Princess! The smile of your angel face may never depart. 
Sweetheart! wake up and give your day a fresh new start. 
Your beauty and charm...

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Categories: sweet, best friend, cheer up,

Sweet Breeze
The sweet breeze through the window
asks nothing as unseen birds call.
It asks nothing of the sun
as it sweeps across yards,
yet it whispers to waking dreams.

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Categories: sweet, bird, good morning, loneliness,

Premium Member Awake
A soft face tickle

Whispered breath sounds in my ear

A precious alarm

Kitty's face in mine - so dear

Eager to be fed - that's clear

For Andrea Dietrich's...

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Categories: good morning, sweet,

You don’t understand how hard it is doing this dating thing.
Lots of people like to dangle you on a string.
So, it’s easy to believe that...

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Categories: sweet, crush, cute love, i

I Wish It Would Rain
That gentle sound of the rain as it pitters on leaves..the fresh aroma as it blends with the earth..that chill of the morning's dawn..The feel...

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Categories: sweet, good morning, rain, romance,

Premium Member It Was a Good Morning Until
It was a good morning until I awoke.                 ...

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Categories: sweet, day, dream, heart, light,

Premium Member Just Another Morning, Joe
The lip trembles slightly 
with the first morning sip.
Searching for the rim 
the hand is slightly shaky.
Eyes half-opened, ears 
seized with silence as the breath...

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Categories: sweet, appreciation, celebration, drug, feelings,

Premium Member Sweet and Sour
[Postscript: Ah, the vagaries of English. In England, your bum is your bottom... not the scruffy bloke who lives in your shed!]

I got up and...

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Categories: sweet, food, humorous, kid,

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