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Suffocation Poems

Suffocation Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of suffocation poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for suffocation.

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   Me jovial convivial social being
   always cherishing cheery dynamism in every step,
   now global crisis putting in compulsive isolation.
   House confinement subject...Read More
Categories: suffocation, fear, how i feel, scary,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Just a thought
In the increasing constriction 
Of government restriction 

I offer the following observation 
Of freedoms suffocation

Of daily liberties 
Savagely curtailed 

Of your war on everything 
That has sadly failed 

Of your attempts to control the masses 
Becomes comical as it passes

Many...Read More
Categories: suffocation, america, corruption, freedom, how i feel, life,
Form: Free verse
Good 'N Wild
Good ‘n Wild with Bad ‘n Tame went awondering
On whimsical wings spinning together a tornado
Only exhaustion rested their reality of much ado
Don’t debated do, as wildly a passion conquered…

‘Never take on the wild for it leaves all forsaken’

When good looked...Read More
Categories: suffocation, adventure,
Form: Grook
Premium Member Indigestion
It started with an apple in paradise or was it a date they consumed

Had they kept their clothes off laundry day would have been easier

	The smell of seduction and no fake news

Honestly who cares whether it was pure sex or...Read More
Categories: suffocation, conflict, corruption, food,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Blessing
Snow gathered momentum to a chorus of confusion

	Echoes of tortuous silence

	A vacuum of restless reprieve

Like moist drift sand it spread its treacherous message

	Opened trap doors of innocence

	Coalesced sinkhole’s dredged mud

Answering unspoken questions it decanted crystals of pain

	Touched sentient clouds in...Read More
Categories: suffocation, depression,
Form: Free verse

Will I fly free
I want to fly free like a bird 
Breaking this wall of Jericho into dust,
Transcending my limitations and boundaries above the sky
Escaping from this miserable prison I just want to fly.

All those catapults of prying eyes on my flesh
Each and...Read More
Categories: suffocation, 12th grade, abuse,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Tangled in Sea Weed
Suffused by wisdom the Buddha reaches out for Atlantis

Blows bubbles in vain as they burst at the door of Nirvana

And yet he can hold his breeze of a breath for eternity

For those precious moment while permanence stays silent

When levitation is...Read More
Categories: suffocation, ocean,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Onion
Onion is crying
Without peeling
Without cutting
Only sitting 
On the shelf
Prices to soar
Without uproar
Maximum this year
Minimum next year
Unable to know
Why prices grow?
Sometimes to throw
Sometimes to borrow
So much confusion
Or the market's illusion
Farmer in delusion
Customer's suffocation
Problem to solve
Still unsolved
Of simple pricing
Without price hiking
Of the...Read More
Categories: suffocation, green, philosophy, poetry, satire, word play,
Form: Cinquain
Premium Member Shell Shocked and Choked
‘Turn swords into ploughshares and nightmares to dreams’
                I have not one plough and no shares in the market

		Insomnia has taken over my nights the...Read More
Categories: suffocation, courage, depression, hope,
Form: Free verse
Tears Of Heart
The sea of my heart is full of foul
The tears of pain begins to howl
Yet it pleads to be free
Like a fruitful growing tree
I hoped for the pearls of happiness to come
But it disappeared as darkness made me numb
The Love...Read More
Categories: suffocation, angst, break up, feelings, memory, nostalgia, poems,
Form: Sonnet

You best check your arrogance 
there is a difference between narcissism and confidence
If you don’t know the distinction my dear, it’s not your competence 
It’s this damn social media filled nation- 
Shoving it into your face, to the point of...Read More
Categories: suffocation, beauty, confidence, for teens,
Form: I do not know?

We’ll be happier 
Anywhere away from here 
Faded stars in our eyes
Darkness consume our hearts 
Bitter seeds and toxic fumes
Buried in our backyard 
Energy flows
Wherever we go
I will wait for you forever 
In your unchanging solitude 
I’m hanging on...Read More
Categories: suffocation, dance, depression, health, love, mountains, seasons, water,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Webs Abandoned
Spider long ago abandoned
Flown away and left his home
Sticky mess entangled caught you 
Struggle in duress for life
You find yourself a victim 
Too invisible formidable 
Forces silk like steel designed
The more you struggle deeper still
No longer for a purpose 
Lingers...Read More
Categories: suffocation, analogy, deep, insect, jesus, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Serial killer
Serial killer 
Bludgeoned...Intense poetic force 
A satisfying fix,
Warm..coagulated blood
Cracked, dehydrated, stone...cold...lips...
Exhaustion, a sweet perspire
Clammy, corpses... Intrigued
Collected and twisted
Take what you need... And f-f-f-feed...
Kill soft... Kill slowly...
Endulge in  painful suffer
Strike fast...strike hard
Taste the your supper...
Your controlled calculated desire
No...Read More
Categories: suffocation, anger, betrayal, dark, evil, good night, murder,
Form: Rhyme
Each of us our own worst enemy
Each of us = our own worst enemy

Hyperbole escorted ushered down aisle,
no critic within google x bajillion mile
(give or take a million) approximates
limitless potential regarding self said
epithet vile expletive spewing wicked

vituperation, vilification, vexation,
vandalization, undervaluation, uglification,
transmogrification, terrorization, suffocation,
stultification, strangulation, recrimination...
custom made...Read More
Categories: suffocation, 12th grade, abuse, betrayal, conflict, journey, judgement,
Form: Rhyme
A Knickerbocker Glory please
Was always his reply
He loved this ice cream sundae
Waited patiently as it was made
He loved the cream 
He loved the fruit
He loved the sprinkles too
but his favourite was the cherry
perched on top ~ bright red and new
He...Read More
Categories: suffocation, bird, humorous, sea,
Form: Rhyme
Ice Nine Part 1 WARNING

ICE         NINE

The sourceling of anti-matter,
morphed in, a slithering form.
From Darkness's anteroom chamber-
The wormhole, in escape-
The place where disobedience was born.
staircase, passage-
from Satan's spawning floor.
The full...Read More
Categories: suffocation, abortion, abuse,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member My good God, death is not a crime
I realized; I was looking at the photo for one more time
Smiling bride and groom with such a promising chime!
Such pretty faces, so lovely, so warm and friendly
Holding hands, bonded minds in wedlock, loyally.
A smile so familiar and sincere, like...Read More
Categories: suffocation, family, feelings,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member do not be afraid
When fever rises to 109, the gravity is lost: I cling to sheets to hold the bed’s horizon but my spine tends to a weightlessness. The fever heats the protein till the folding point and, they say, it’s the beginning...Read More
Categories: suffocation, death,
Form: Haibun
Without You
Imagine five swords into your throat
Fighting to make space enough for them
That how much painful breathing is to me without you
Dark suffocation into my head
Engulfed every memory but yours
This happened when I try not to think of you 
Severe pain...Read More
Categories: suffocation, depression, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member MY FISHING DAYS

My grandfather taught me an unusual way to catch fish.
I tried it out one night I went with mom who is a musician.
During the day, she gives well off kids, music lessons, piano, guitar, and so on.
Mom is versatile in...Read More
Categories: suffocation, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Narrative
I Pray
I Pray

I harvest black gold
And buried sunshine 
In an underground tunnel
With hammers , picks and shovels
I ride a rail cart to get around 
I wear a hard , black hat
And carry a flashlight 
I’m coated in powdery charr 
Whose substance...Read More
Categories: suffocation, business, character, courage, death, education, environment, tribute,
Form: Narrative
I can't breath, everything
is going black, why does
life hate me? I don't want
this, I still can't breath

Suffocation is taking me
everything is starting to 
leave, but then I see light
no I'm not dead someone

Is pulling me up, I fall in
love then...Read More
Categories: suffocation, 8th grade, angst, betrayal,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Iron and Fire
The chain around Tim’s neck closed the circuit of his broken heart

Cuffed to the rafters the closed shackle padlock would not budge

He had not eaten for weeks and looked like a skeleton key personified

Shackled in apathy he shivered and gave...Read More
Categories: suffocation, love,
Form: Verse
They escape 
Through a small opening 
On the side of my head 

Liquid skin becoming cellophane 
An accessory to suffocation
Tries to trim the threats
Of an unfurled canvas 

In my pocket
Artauds’ anguish
Stitches together absurd reasoning 
One kiss tooled the empire
Only the...Read More
Categories: suffocation, society,
Form: Free verse