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Imagery Sound Poems

These Imagery Sound poems are examples of Sound poems about Imagery. These are the best examples of Sound Imagery poems written by international poets.

Conch Sound
Conch Sound
the garden of North Andros
the place where my father's navel string lay
The settlement sits on the vicinity of the waterfront
with old Bahamian vessels piloted...

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Categories: sound, appreciation, beautiful, beauty, imagery,

Words as Art: The Power of Prose Poetry
Words as Art: The Power of Prose Poetry

In the quiet of the night, when the moon is high and the stars are bright, I sit...

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Categories: sound, imagery, loss, love, words,

Premium Member a winter outing
out in the deep freeze 
calls from cheerful winter wren ~
trudging through soft snow

Winter Nature Themed Haiku Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Tania Kitchin
Date written: 12/03/2022...

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Categories: bird, imagery, seasons, sound,

Premium Member Ululations
Owl hooting "Who you"?
Pack of wolves howl at the moon.
So alive, twilight.
I imbibe all sounds with glee.
May this night last forever!

Writing Challenge - Unburden a...

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Categories: sound, animal, emotions, imagery, moon,


Love notes written on vellum
Music scores with smiles between lines
Written in symbols, circles or waves
When lids closed for an hour 

I’m inside a strand...

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Categories: sound, car, hair, imagery, light,

Premium Member autumn susurrus

a silken whisper
maple leaves susurration... 
autumn has arrived

Submitted for...
Autumn in Nature - Haiku Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Tania Kitchin

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Categories: autumn, imagery, nature, sound,

Premium Member Nature's Rhapsody
"The sounds of Earth is the music of my soul."

The honking of geese flying overhead
the pop of pistol shrimp on the seabed
or the haunting, eerie...

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Categories: sound, appreciation, beautiful, earth, image,


       That teen joy in a mirror to look,
       And get my nose...

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Categories: imagery, memory, night, sound,


Who hears the singing

of the rivers running

without ceasing, direction

to the sea...?

the sounds of lightning

of sun opening

the morning curtains...?

Who hears the murmur

of colors when

are surprised

on the...

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Categories: sound, allegory, creation, extended metaphor,

Premium Member A Fever Fugue
Light crashes sounds like brittle glass 
Slashes shards across my worn aching eyes 
The colors reak of deep rot like blues 
Creeping green burning acidic...

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Categories: sound, abuse, addiction, allegory, allusion,

The moon was still standing there
Looking gayer and harmless.

Yesterday, the stars looked in awe
When I gave up on the world 
And reached out for these...

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Categories: sound, imagery, inspiration, journey, poems,

There's Nothing In The Night Like The Sound Of The Wind
When all the land is in repose
There is a noise, as nightfall shows,
A noise to stir the sinews of your mind.
And those who hear it...

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Categories: sound, environment, imagery, nature, night,

Premium Member Lazuli Bunting
most cheerful songbird
sweetly chirping early dawn ~
lazuli bunting

Date written: 03/22/2022...

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Categories: sound, bird, imagery, morning, nature,


In the early dawn, the loud barking of my dog
Woke me up;
I arose and went to the door leading out onto
The veranda;
I adjusted the blinds...

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Categories: sound, animal, dog, funny, hilarious,

Premium Member Dog On The Couch
spots four-legged friend
tilts head and starts to whimper ~
pooch watching TV

Date written: 12/24/2021...

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Categories: animal, dog, imagery, sound,