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Short Zambia Poems

Short Zambia Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Zambia by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Zambia by length and keyword.

A first and Z last,
In alphabetics,
America first and Zambia last,
In economics!...

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Categories: zambia, change,
Form: Free verse

The Famous Expedition
A garden beneath the soaring sunrise-
Somewhere in nowhere
Lingers on~ in no-mans' land
A Majestic and glamorous scene-
A master piece with a picture green-
Landmarked with meadows within that nowhere-
Watered with blue waters perfumed in streams of gold.
Inconspicuous on a mystical terrain-
Lying hidden from the curious men
That explorers, wouldn't rather refrain....

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Categories: zambia, 12th grade, adventure, art, beautiful, garden, green,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Kill the Corrupt Rats
Cookery is slavery if you don’t partake of the meal
It becomes foolery if you keep settling the bill
It is misery if you repeat the drill
Familiarity leads to rats chilling in the grill

Employment is exploitation if you can’t get a fair deal
It becomes poverty if you keep taking the pill
It is deprivation with tax deductions on your will
Gullibility that leads the thieves to steal

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Categories: zambia, absence, africa, change, corruption, earth, integrity, international,
Form: Rhyme
Mama Africa
Mama Africa

All they say is you are uncivilized, using policies to publicly undress you
From Lesotho to Libya, Mali to Malawi, Zambia and Zimbawe
Raping justice and reaping where and what they sowed not!
I cry when they call you "dark"
Coz you are so bright, your sons and daughters beaming with strength
Africa, I call you MAMA, for your breasts are full enough for all your children to suckle!...

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Categories: zambia, africa, beautiful,
Form: Acrostic
A Boys Imagination
They all said birds fly in the air but I told them No! Birds don't fly, they float. And fish don't swim, they are carried by the water current.
They all stood there with their mouths wide open and it become quite all of the sudden that you could hear a pin drop.
Like a wailing crowd of pirates in a sinking ship,  suddenly they all busted into laughter. One man even had tears running down from his eyes....

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Categories: zambia, africa, anti bullying, bird, childhood, flying, imagination,
Form: Prose Poetry

teach the children well
Jesus loves the young people in Zambia.
His message they should hear.
A mission to this country?
This far less to fear.

Roanoke, Zambia news anchors aren't shot
I don't believe there is such a place
Charleston Zambia churches aren't attacked
And parishioners aren't laid to waste.

The children of Zambia need lessons.
From God almighty word
The time is now the land is ripe 
The gospel to be heard...

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Categories: zambia, africa, bible, children, christian, teacher, work, youth,
Form: Rhyme