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Short Escalation Poems

Short Escalation Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Escalation by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Escalation by length and keyword.

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            sea-saw epitome

     hierarchy’s stepping stones

'Sphynx watches over crown chakra'

          09th September 2020


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Categories: escalation, change,
Form: Verse

Rise And Fall

                          High, Tall
          Ascending, Emerging, Elevating 
   Climb, Escalation, Increase, Acceleration 
       Stumbling, Descending, Blundering
                        Low, Woeful


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Categories: escalation, life,
Form: Diamante
Reality Saved Me

I allow. 


Away from the plunging depths of escalation. 

Which I mistook as elation. 

As I tried to survive. 

Forever gone. 

Are the frantic memories.

Forever here.

Are the spirits who saved me. 

Forever far. 

Are the people who found me guilty. 

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Categories: escalation, deep, mental illness,
Form: Free verse
The Stalker
Taking away your peace of mind
Hunting you down everywhere
Every move you make is mine
Stealthily moving in the shadows
Thoughts of tying you up linger
Allowing escalation of my heartbeat
Looking for the right words
Killer instincts secretly penned
Even among the grey matter
Rationalizing fear, the brain is the stalker...

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Categories: escalation, fear,
Form: Acrostic
Ring Rang Rung Wrong
I met UFC and she courted me.
She made me wanna hit!
But I stood back from the ring,
Not battered, but better I became.

It's no life worth livin' to get 
your bell rang.

Or worse, to punch a good man
to his death,

Just to get the gawkers to 
sing your song!

And move up the rung
to where you think you belong.

The escalation seems so wrong.


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Categories: escalation, anger, angst, conflict, introspection, sports, violence, word
Form: Free verse

Love's Atmosphere
Love's Atmosphere 

A deep pulsation
A Musical beat
Produced by heart
Through love
Body's dance
Enjoyable sound
A smile is built
A steady feeling
Attention paid
Watch the growing
Seasons change
But neither cold
Nor burning heat
A proper level
A ceaseless breath
Love mounts
A rapid escalation
A maximal stage 
Heart's joyful beating.

Drencho POET Loads...

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Categories: escalation, cute love,
Form: Romanticism
The Lone Oak
The Lone Oak
Has finally awoke
Alone in an empty field
Tucked away I grow concealed
The Lone Oak
Immune from fire and smoke 
With all it's might
It grows to the light
The Lone Oak
Winds wont leave a branch broke
A strong foundation
Supports his escalation
The Lone Oak
The leaves act as a cloak
Silver skin                  
And a golden heart within 
The Lone Oak...

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Categories: escalation, how i feel,
Form: Rhyme
hers are paradise-measured steps
an escalation of the clan’s delight
in a sitting duck of the stream-lets;
& maidens awaken by the twilight
virgins of niger’s hidden chambers
meeting with ancient praise-singers;

“nduru has arrived! nduru is here!”
the echo of the clan’s piper rings
“o, she’s come! o, she’s here!”
seems with her a new life springs!
she: a clan’s fair-haired & elegant bird
with a retinue of songsters furtive & weird. 


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Categories: escalation, mystery
Form: Rhyme
Swiss Miss
Everybody has heard the old cliché. It stubbornly persists right up to today. It is said all that glitters is gold. This is a lovely little piece to hold. A girl with braided hair is what I have found. There are some very tall mountains in the background. A value of twenty francs has been placed on this. I have in my hand a lovely “Swiss Miss“. Since the recent market price of gold’s escalation, you are worthy of a much higher valuation.

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Categories: escalation, business, tribute,
Form: Rhyme