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Animal Sestina Poems

These Animal Sestina poems are examples of Sestina poems about Animal. These are the best examples of Sestina Animal poems written by international poets.

Hatching Futility
Behind a counter in china shop sits a woman.
Between right thumb, index, middle, and ring fingers she holds an egg.
On the back wall are shelves...

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Categories: animal, business, change, easter,

Humane Struggle
In the Congolese Jungle three men are training for a mission.
They train to detain and disarm poachers.
They hope this will be the conclusion of their...

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Categories: africa, animal, conflict, environment,

Sestina Title 1A
Often after the fallen snow is swept, glory
Is found when the treading surface is clear.
A light dusting is a breeze to remove. For heavy slush...

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Categories: nature,

Cross Species Awareness
Cross Species Awareness

Beneath a calm ocean, man watches a shark.
They are same in size, but one has advantage.
Man is wearing a wet suit and long...

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Categories: adventure, animal, environment, fish,

Life's Garden
Sometimes I get lost in my dreams,
just wanting to escape this stressful life. 
I lose my way in a garden full of flowers
and search for...

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Categories: animal, earth, feelings, inspiration,

Animal Freedom
Animal Freedom

A Christmas walk in soft sun of winter
Across crisp fields of umber and green,
A sharp breeze blowing with freedom
On their faces, aglow with the...

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Categories: animal, bird, freedom, life,

Squirrel On Notice Of Eviction
Malicious, plotting squirrel, 
sends its angry rain.
Oh, the liberties it takes, 
with my precious fruit trees.
A pear slams into my head; 
my temple, burning blue.


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Categories: animal, nature, poems, poetry,

In A Shared Garden
In my vegetable garden, 
birds are watching me, pick 
green beans to eat.
A lone robin, scrounges for seeds, from sun flowers.
An old, twisted oak tree,...

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Categories: animal, garden, gender, nature,

Huddled among massive rocks,
at the bottom of a barren cliff,
breathing in the strongest aroma of jasmines,
watching hordes of seagulls hover over an abandoned ship;
pensively and...

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Categories: adventure, animals, nature, peace,

Folding and embracing someone in extreme pain
with the compassion of a merciful saint:
when those moribund eyes look downward,
as breath becomes heavy and life can't sustain

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Categories: peace, people, social, sympathy

Lassie, the golden retriever was
a beautiful dog with a rich, shaggy coat,
and two gorgeous brown eyes;
thirty long years have passed,
and that name still echoes with...

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Categories: childhood, forgiveness, pets, sadme,

Spooky Night

Oh me Oh My a ghost
no ship but  I see coming a pirate
their breath the scent of candy
away they scramble with frightening cries
Look across...

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Categories: adventure, fantasy, funny, holiday,