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Whisper Came In the Night

A whisper came into the night
A lovely whisper he breathed
Chills run like a marathon
A stroke of his hand move my hair outta my eyes so gently 
He says my name as I say his Breathtaking becomes the night
Dreams evolve within a goodnight kiss till another in the morning
A whisper came into the night

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Goodbye Love, Version 2

Goodnight, firefly, flap into
Oblivion, for a lover's light has vanished.
Oh, Romeo, wherefore this
Devastating doom?!
Bury me too, night sky!
Yield nothing in return.
Every forbidden kiss was never mine.

Let them find us bound together.
Over your limp heart I flap.
Vexation has overtaken us, grieving into eternity.
Each heartbeat falls heavy as I discreetly die over you.

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As darkness reaches its depth
A song's produced by your voice
In my mind the lyrics forever kept
Not because I have no choice

Between your hands hugging me tight
I fell asleep through a lullaby 
In my dreams you said goodnight
'til tomorrow comes, it was goodbye

In every time I go to bed
I hear it all over again
The only music in my head
Were the words which give me pain

It was beautiful to hear
A song before I sleep
For I somehow know you're near
In my heart, forever I will keep.

Any Sad Poem, sponsor, Broken Wings
November 2015
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under a tree i'll sing you a lullaby
i'll ask for the moon to stay for a while. 
i'll kiss you goodnight and hug you tight.
ill stay awake, make sure your alright. 

i'll make breakfast, the best part of your morning. 
i'll wash the dishes just to keep you smiling.
we'll take a walk in the open fields.
we'll play with the water and  the ocean breeze. 

you'll laugh like you've never laughed before.
 and we'll take every chance on every open door. 
i will be you guardian and you'll be my light. 
with you by my side, everything feels right. 

so under a tree i sing a lullaby.
and ask for the moon to stay for a while. 
just a kiss goodnight and i'll be fine
i'll do everything  if only you were mine.
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The Couch

The couch
I lay here on the couch
Springs pierce my spine
My neck bent
An unnatural angle

My cold feet try to find warmth
In the crevices 
There are only crumbs and coins
Coins and crumbs
Starchy fabric rubs the skin
It creaks when I move

How come you get the bed?
You are my princess
That's what you told me.

How come? 
Soft but firm
Cozy but not too hot
It engulfs you
Twin size
That's all we have
But enough for one

We never take turns.

The couch is my bed
It comforts me now
I know its structure
My foe at first
Now a comforting friend
I still yearn for a bed

You said we would take turns
Every night I tell you I'm going to bed
Wrap your body
You say goodnight
I know you know
And I come to the couch
I sit and I think
I go to bed


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I'M Sorry For Loving You


Who could have perceived
That i will ever feel this way again
Feeling so cherished
Always looking forward to see you again

Waiting for your messages
Can't sleep without your goodnight
Giggling with your responses
You make my mornings bright

But this shouldn't be
How can this be
Everythings happening so fast
This should past

I wish you are not you
It should not be you 
It is wrong to love you
I cant belong to you

Who do not wish to be loved
Its feels so great to be in love
But it has to be right
And to someone I have the right

I love you already
But are we ready
We are not for each other
We don't belong together

It has to be now
It has to stop
Everything must stop

I don't want to hate you 
But I have to let go
I didn't mean to love you
Im sorry I really have to go

@Copyright Meline Ngo.    November 25, 2015
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The Magic Potion

It arrived one day by morning post,
     from writing she knew from  foreign coast.
Small seeds packed in two polythene bags,
     had some criss-cross writing with strange tags.
Martha, Brenda two neighbours, close friends,
     cast their wise old eyes to comprehend.
Expert nostrils sniffed for aroma,
      this was beginning of weeks drama!
Books and fables they knew from before,
      of magic potions that help men score!
They nodded their heads in agreement,
      the cure for their men’s predicament!
They soon got their pestle and mortar,
      to brew soup so their men are hotter!
For full five days on till that weekend, 
      the two men were fed medicament....
Result was evident Sunday night,
      when men held them in their big arms tight,
Kissed them goodnight and began to snore,
      men so very pleased with their golf score!

Written 11/August/2020
“Mystery seeds” contest
Sponsor Carolyn Devonshire
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Don'T Break Me Down

Love of my life, don't break me down, make me feel like I belong in the pound, lift me back up, I will lift you up too, both will feel better about what we do. Heaven on earth is how we both feel, common courtesy lends much appeal. Easy to stop negative things I say, it's only the hurt makes me write such a way. A hug and a kiss is all I can say, a moment of tenderness to keep hurt at bay, I try and I try to show you I care, tell you-you're handsome and I will always be there. Your special spot is where I must lay, to quell all the hurt put my pain away. Tell me you love me kiss me goodnight, if not on the lips it's still quite alright. There is not much this lady needs, hope and encouragement are words I will heed. Romantic at heart we both admit - yet we still wallow in our past sh**. Am I wasting my time waiting for you to say I love you and let's run away? Put yourself in my place, and flip the script, reality check could you handle it? The thing about me and this I do know, I do not want to do things alone on my own. My companion in life should be by my side, holding my hand as we go on this ride. There is no worse thing than being alone, a human needs contact in order to grow. Being away it is alright as long as I know you'll be back at my side. Just kiss me goodbye, hug me and say, "I love you and miss you when I am away."
Thank you Cody Lee
Details | Sonnet |

Justice and Devil

Brilliance – distinction of a complex mind
Force of attraction drawn to the longhair
Holds spellbound deep into the soul may find
Inspired long hours linger in calm air.
Mischief – a debonair gentleman’s lure
Damage traced in dark abstract history
Plays wicked games in belief to mature
Tingles to one’s warmth from sheer misery.
Their wrinkled fusion bewilders the will
Fool notion deceives the bathing beauty
Though pleasure is craved such as a sweet pill
Perhaps parallel taste appears moony.
Claimed thought of justice being ideal
Still, the devil works as its best rival.

This feeling surrounded by eloquence 
Gives delight in the hope for a phoenix
Its blood from stone hungers to flow presence
Fed by debauchery for a lush fix.
Amusement strikes the concealed sensation
Engrossed in own world; leaving others out
Being engaged to toxic relation 
Considers the benefit of the doubt.
Bright haze from white lightning on the table
Sugar cubes spread in the strawberry field
Yellow shine in blue heavens is stable
Every puff of wisdom causes to yield.
The devil creeps in with false mastery
Justice is controlled by rare flattery.

Jadedness – an immortal tolerance
Defense for letting go of black balloons
Farewell to judgment and dull acceptance
Eases the torture of sorrowful tunes.
Midnight talks greet goodnight to bad mornings
May the ego erupts; to care is more
Trauma from the misunderstood warnings
Fades to passion of which the two adore.
Raw concern reminds of the consequence
Stubborn eagerness decays such comfort
As long as the charm kills beyond nonsense
Chances with the fellow will not fall short.
Tarot cards foresee a future to fill
Mine showed symbols of justice and devil.