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He wants to say "I love you,"
But keeps it to "Goodnight."
Because love would mean some falling,
and she's afraid of heights.


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Vrai Compagnon

Goodnight my dear
I'll dream of you 
I know I will
I always do 
A dream of you
Is nothing new
But I love them 
Just like I do you
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Lonely Husband

The house is not the same
Without having you here
No how was your day honey
Or holding you near

No kiss on the lips
To wish you goodnight
I can't wait till your home
To hold you so tight

It's been only a day
But I want you to know
How happy you make me
For I love you so
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Whisper Came In the Night

A whisper came into the night
A lovely whisper he breathed
Chills run like a marathon
A stroke of his hand move my hair outta my eyes so gently 
He says my name as I say his Breathtaking becomes the night
Dreams evolve within a goodnight kiss till another in the morning
A whisper came into the night
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I'M Here

A morning bouquet of new poetry
Sweet precious bluebird for your eyes to see
I hope that the path of your flight yesterday 
Didn't change course with me in any way
I waited and waited for your bid goodnight
Then finally gave up and turned out the light
Curled up in my chair staring into the black
I hope today bluebird that you're coming back

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First Rose of Summer

Sitting at my thinking spot
Sun is going down
Thoughts of you abounding
No one else around
Birds are singing happily
Joyously in flight
Maybe one of them is you 
Who's come to say goodnight 

Kiss me so that I can dream
Dreamy dreams of you
Come and land inside my heart
Until my days are through
Then spend part of eternity
A hundred zillion years
Singing for me, that would be
Music to my ears
Details | Romanticism |


Remember when I said "I love you"
Think of me in a good light
When it was only just us two
Kiss me and let's say "goodnight"

I know we're both tired and upset
And wanting to go separate ways
You are the best person that I've met
And I hope we will have better days

These trials that we have to go through
Are drifting us further apart
Remember when we said our "I Do's"
I love you with all of my heart.
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Come to me my darling
Let my kiss your face
And shower you with lilacs
Too many for a vase

I love the person who you are
I long to hold you tight 
To carry you when you are tired
To sing to you goodnight

To take your burdens as my own 
To do things as a team
To love on you with all my might
To live with you my dream

Your troubadour is waiting 
His pen is in his hand
Ascribing poems day and night
To you his lady grand
Details | I do not know? |


Sleep Sleep Sleep and dream of distant thunderstorms.

Rest into the warmth of my arms.

Whisper when you wake. I want to feel your breath on my chest.

Smile, because today we will conquer our world, together.

Love is yours to hold and I will hand it to you with joy and sincerity.

Kiss my lips, so I may feel your soft and kind heart

Beat Beat Beat goes our own drum, that we wish to dance to.

Sleep and Dream, Goodnight.
Details | Free verse |

By the End of the Night

So many ups and downs and turn arounds and still you hold me to the ground,
And I know I won't do things always right,
And I know I repeat mistakes more than twice,
And apologies are not enough sometimes,
But if you're willing to be around even after the argument ends,
I'm ready to give in,
And do what you want that''ll make us stronger than when the argument first began,
Because by the end of the evening,
I want to be able to hold you tight,
look you in the eyes and kiss you before we say goodnight.
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Book of Dreams

What a time I had away
When I was with you every day
From "Good morning" to "Goodnight"
Then in my dreams you did excite 

Now I confess I did pretend
That you were much more than a friend 
My special girl you were for sure
I brought your latte, held the door 

And in the moments by myself
I took my book from off the shelf
I read and lived it for that time
For in those moments you were mine

And if one day you ever are
My love for you will raise the bar
Sweep the cranny! Clear the nook!
There'll be no more need to have that book
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As darkness reaches its depth
A song's produced by your voice
In my mind the lyrics forever kept
Not because I have no choice

Between your hands hugging me tight
I fell asleep through a lullaby 
In my dreams you said goodnight
'til tomorrow comes, it was goodbye

In every time I go to bed
I hear it all over again
The only music in my head
Were the words which give me pain

It was beautiful to hear
A song before I sleep
For I somehow know you're near
In my heart, forever I will keep.

Any Sad Poem, sponsor, Broken Wings
November 2015
Details | Blank verse |

Falling In Love

Can we meet again?
You, wearing your black jacket;
Me, empty in mind or thought.

You ask what I want.
I want long hours of chatter.
Know you are happy,
even when I am not.

Can we meet again?
This time, both of us touch each other's souls, holding on and never letting go.
Should a heartbeat book an appointment?
A touch of soul, a set time?

Funny how milk tarts are sweet, but can't tweet.
I'll always call to say goodnight.
I hope your phone can keep voice notes.
One day, my words will matter.

It is not a fling, only that our hearts are still pink.
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Keep Writing

Goodnight sweet princess 
Fare ye well
Maybe I'll dream
Who can tell?
But if I have a dream of you
I'll tell you in the dream what's true
For in my dreams I speak my heart
And never leave out any part
The words I say come from my soul
They fill a cup with love that's whole
And never once did you disdain
Or ever ask me to abstain
But take my streams of words in stride 
Yet keep yours in and choose to hide
The way you feel, not show your hand
It has to be, I understand
But if once in a while you feel you can
Show me one card from that hand
I don't care if it's just a two
It's a royal flush if it comes from you
Details | Rhyme |

You First

I'd open every door for you
To let you go in first
I'd give you all my water
So you would never thirst

I'd play you every song you love 
And ever longed to hear
I'd be right there beside you
So you would never fear 

I'd work inside your shadow
So you could have the light
I'd kiss you and caress you
Before I said goodnight 

I'd teach you everything I know
I'd take you every place
I'd share my deepest feelings
Stand open to your face

I'd want for you to lean on me
When things for you got tough
I'd hold you and support you
Make smooth out of the rough

I'd write you little poems
That spoke of my great love
And follow up by telling you
You're all that I think of
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Always Kiss Me Goodnight

Always kiss me goodnight 
And know that it's true 
When I speak these four words
I'll Always Love You

We won't always agree 
We may argue and fight
But regardless of that
Always kiss me goodnight

As a man I'm not perfect
And at times I'll forget
A date that I shouldn't
Still we're quite the duet

My thoughts may seem strange
Some black and some white
But we'll make it work out 
When you kiss me goodnight

Please accept me for me
Imperfections and all
I'm best by your side
While we're standing tall

If I should lose track 
Of what we had in sight
You can pull me back in
With a soft kiss goodnight

I love you so much 
You lift my heart like a kite
Yet I'm grounded when you
Kiss me goodnight

Let's meet in the middle
And I'll turn out the light
As we end our day
Always kiss me goodnight
Details | Free verse |

A Living Room Incomplete

A Living Room; Incomplete

Like a dark brown leather couch
          Always there
at the end of a very long day
So comforting, just to see you
So welcoming, I despair

As I finally cross the threshold
to a face, I wish were home
My focus, drawn to brown eyes
In essence, we’re alone
Such depth, within your iris
That the world just disappears
Such strength, you give in kindness
I’m at peace

As you’re holding me in comfort
and I’m drifting off to sleep
I imagine that your fingers
brush softly on my cheek
So gentile are your lips
as you whisper me; goodnight
I long to hear 'I love you'
But, I’m not the one you feel, is right (for you)

Like a dark brown leather couch
          Always there
at the beginning of another day
So comforting, are your brown eyes
But sadly, I despair

© 2017 Jeffrey Spencer
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Goodbye Daddy

An unseasonably warm November day
In my yard the unsuspecting kids play
Left in my loving care with words unsaid
Unaware of the tears they would shed

Future's written, words are hurled
Only eight but a girl of the world
Hair of gold, no worries, no cares
Not ready for what life would bear

Where's daddy?, He didn't say goodnight
It's not like him, it doesn't seem right
Something's wrong, I need him now
Take me to him, take me right now

My tears did fall that very night
My brother walked into the light
Taken too soon, no chance to fight
A child's nightmare, an uncles fright

Fourteen years and the tears still fall
His life was perfect, he had it all
A wife, two kids, God his right hand man
Succumbing to the fate of His master plan

My heart still bleeds for my sweet little niece
Goodbye my daddy, may you rest in peace
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Call Me More

As I get ready to say goodnight, before the lights go off
I whisper words across the room and send them on aloft
The words I speak express my love to ears that cannot hear
But if you could here's what you would if you were standing near
I love your sense of humor, I love the way you talk
I love your perseverance, I love it when you walk
Into the room and I look up and see you coming in
Pretending I don't notice but goosebumps on my skin
Emerge and cause my heart to pump, beating out a song
To the rhythm of "I love you", and for your love I long
I love the way you use your voice, I love it when you call
My telephone reveals your name and then I center all
My focus on the voice that's on the other end
Pretending we're together and so much more than friends
There's lots and lots that I can tell, lots more that I can say
But this poem is already long, so I will another day
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Never Got the Chance

Never Got the Chance 
Kevin L Fairbrother

I’ve moved on for I never got the chance
To share the feelings I have deep down
My wounded heart bears the pain
For there is a chance we will never meet again

We shared the moments of our past
We conversed about our travels our hopes
For the future is unknown to us all
We live our days and our dreams untold

But a spark was born but failed to ignite
Moments of compassion, moments of care
Holding hands, bodies close and entwined
Together we felt as one with what was unfolding

Kissing and cuddling holding each other so tight
We could have reached the heights we so desired
But the pain and loss of the past tempered the flame
For it was not to be, for the past hurt was real

You became reserved went back in your shell
The time and place was not right for you
I understood, I could not bring myself to hurt you
I walked away saying goodnight sweet dreams

You left, you ran away with the past haunting you
We never got a moment or a chance to say goodbye
But I have the memory of those magic moments
Moments of chance that I will always remember
Details | Free verse |


I'm not just going to put the work in, I'm going to give you overtime
Tonight is all about you so close your eyes
Tonight I'm going to please your body, as I already know your mind
I'm not just going to put the work in, I'm going to give you overtime

I know you've had a long day
A few people have spoke to you the wrong way
So there will be a bath waiting for you when you get home
Then come into the bedroom with nothing but the towel on

Then it's to the bed we go
As I kiss you everywhere from head to toe
My tongue is the best way
To take all of your stress away

I don't need to go into further details, but tonight is all about you
By the end of the night the neighbours will know my name
If there's anything I can do to make you happy, tell me what I've got to do
Tonight is about taking away all of your stress and pain

Then I want you to fall asleep in my arms
Kiss your forehead, to say goodnight, while you sleep with your head on my heart
Knowing you're warm, happy and safe
All that matters is you're happy and in the safest place

I'm not just going to put the work in, I'm going to give you overtime
Tonight is all about you so close your eyes
Tonight I'm going to please your body, as I already know your mind
I'm not just going to put the work in, I'm going to give you overtime
Details | Romanticism |

A Kiss Goodnight

A kiss goodnight, my love,
as we blow out the romantic candle light,
as we turn down the lamplight,
as the wind whistles outside our window,
let us kiss goodnight.

A kiss goodnight, my love,
a kiss goodnight is all I ask for,
we shall lay together
and we shall dream together,
your soft lips kiss my lips,
and your arm lay across my chest;
you can feel my heart beat,
it beats for you, my love.

A kiss goodnight, my love,
for tomorrow will be anew,
and I shall pick hundreds of spring roses for you,
and in comparison to a sweet spring rose,
you shall be more beautiful than ever,
even if a thousand spring roses put into one giant spring rose,
there shall be no comparison.

A kiss goodnight, my love,
for tomorrow shall bring rain or shine,
tomorrow you shall be carried in my arms,
through beautiful gardens of roses and lilacs.
Tomorrow I shall kiss you a thousand times over,
and a thousand times over I shall love you.
For tomorrow shall bring a thousand kisses,
but tonight there shall only be one.

A kiss goodnight, my love,
a final kiss to seal of todays' adventures,
of wondrous times and loving affairs.
A kiss goodnight, my love,
and we shall go to bed and dream a thousand times over,
and dream a thousand dreams over we shall live,
with only one kiss goodnight.

Details | Free verse |

Did You Wrong

I know he did you wrong, but I'm not to blame
Give me a chance and see that I'll take away the pain
I know he did you wrong and didn't make you feel any worth
Girl give me one chance, and I'll make you forget you've been hurt

We've all been hurt you're not the only one
I promise I won't let you down if you put your faith in me
Your heart is safe with me
Let me be the one to stay by your side, so you won't be the lonely one

You're used to drama in love, but we'll have less fights and more sex
Every night give you kisses before bed
As my way of saying goodnight, I'll give you a kiss on the forehead
When I have to go out, I'll give you kisses on the door step

I'll hold you tight and won't let you go
Keep you warm when you're cold at night when I get you close
I want to tell you everything about me, so you'll know me better than anyone in the past has known me
I'm so into you, that you'd think I was Fabolous back in 03

When you Cry I'll wipe your tears
I'd say how I'd use my tongue, but we don't need to go there
The world doesn't need to know that
I just want to make you happy, so give me a chance to show that

I know he did you wrong, but I'm not to blame
Give me a chance and see that I'll take away the pain
I know he did you wrong and didn't make you feel any worth
Girl give me one chance, and I'll make you forget you've been hurt
Details | Romanticism |

Goodnight My Fair Maiden

Goodnight my Fair Maiden,
I shall see you once again.
In the year of our Lord,
At the gloomy dawn of Mankind.
As the Red Sun reaches over the treeline,
Far in the East.
I shall see you again.

Don't fear our love,
For my love for you is eternal.
Too see this eternal love
I have for you,
It is hard to feel and very diffcult to see.

When you wake the next morning
and escape your long night of slumber
and your surrealist life,
being played in a cloud of imagination.
You'll soon come to reality 
and find me there.
Knocking upon your chamber door.

Come now!
Get dressed in your evening, silk dress.
and let us go dance under the stars,
till the moon falls to the West and the Sun rises in the East.
Oh, how you are a lovely dancer and how the twilight shines bright
along you shinny and silk laced hair.

And your hair my sweet and fair maiden,
oh, how I love to see it bounce with life
when you twirl and dance into my arms.

You are beautiful and I wish I couldn't leave you,
but as the day turns to night, I have to leave.
I wish I could take you on a long walk through the parks
and courtyards, and walk along the sprinkled streets of the cities filled with life.
Pick you a beautiful bouquet of roses from the gardens of beauty and give them to you
with surprise.

I love you so much
My love for you is indeed hard to tell to you,
but I can show you.
Tomorrow though, for tonight I must say...
Goodnight my Fair Maiden.
For tomorrow you'll be in my arms once again.

Goodnight my Fair Maiden
I shall leave you with a kiss that shall last a lifetime.
Details | Ode |


A. M.

3.09 am
Still awake I am
Stares at the ceiling, occasionally to my palm or arm
Why? Just silly stuff, silly
Like why do harm, ham and hum sound the same? Haha
Then suddenly my mind is flooded
Thoughts of you, of us, good and bad, all want to be regarded
I can't help it, for that, you could call me retarded
But our love, ours is one that has to be guarded
So when my soul won't let my heart rest, I'll let it
With every heartbeat
I'm taken back to the day that luck made me you meet
When a look into your eyes gave me cold feet
When the spark, the fire we burn was lit
Love, you looked so fine, too fine
If I dare say divine
At the moment I had wished to ask for thine
Thine hand in marriage, but that would've been crossing the line
Too soon.
So I chose the faster way
To make you stay
Be mine? "Yes," you did say
And now here we are, loving, together all huddles having to slay
I wouldn't be happier.

3. 36 am
Still stuck in my fantasies
Floating in a thousand seas
Thinking of the million ways my love I should increase
To avoid your heart ever giving a crease
So far I know we're good, so I'm at some ease
Still, I'll do my best
I'm up for the test
Love, I  look at you every day and I'm overwhelmed
God took his time, to create a woman so bold
A heart of diamonds, diamonds and gold
A soul so young and tender
No baby, you're never growing old
Neither is my love for you, no we're never getting cold.
You know, they see us smile
But they don't know, how much through every mile
We scratch, snap and fight
How much we push to get back to that light
One minute you hate me, the next I'm shaping your brow
And it's what I cherish, how we grow
This selfless loving, our flow
Love, I'll take every srength and flaw
As long as you stay, stay mine forever
I want it all 
God gave us us, so please don't stall
I won't let you down ever
I promise.

4.02 am
Goodnight, my love.