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Accidental Romantic

she's laughing again 
I wasn't even funny 
just a bit wasted

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Stop Looking At My Neck

What the heck
Stop looking at my neck
You knee
Its not funny
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Goodnite Folks

That funny lookin flat thing in there is callin me nite to all,tom
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Funny Guy

you are a  gas
you hump bump
and laugh
here is why
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Funny Meaning of Love


                                  Loss   of   valuable   emotion

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Ode To India

I like to eat curry
It's funny in my tummy
But then I turn really smelly!
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Those Noodles

They are funny, those noodles,
if they are not in oodles.

Volodymyr Knyr
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A Funny Haiku For Kids

Art Linkletter said,
"Kids will say the darndest things".
Who's he?  Google time.
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Funny Not Funny

summer nights abuzz
  street lamps busy with insects~
        funny things you miss
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Funny Bone

God ribbing Adam
 Eve with Lilith’s bone to pick~
        dare to take a bite

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Sctv Comedian

John Candy
Is quite beefy and dandy.
He is a comedian on SCTV
He's funny--everyone must agree!
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Funny But True

minute, hour, 
day, week, month, 
year, decade, century ..
and women buying clothes
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some the party
get started
got little money
the act funny
time to stump
jump and hump
go oot and play
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The China Virus

The China Virus

It has no brain
yet it outsmarts
many little red funny caps
thanks to them
xi virus
will be great again
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Need Money

Need money do not be funny I take donations, not illustrations so I need dollar bills to take a treat off your feet then take your seat
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Amusing Musing

You put an us in a me,
you'll make muse.
Take the us out,
it'll just be me.
Stick an a in front,
and you'll amuse.
Funny about the a.
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Tweetable Time Change

Up an hour early ~ really on time ~ throw back coffee ~
in car, out of car, back in house ~ wearing pjs ~
will be funny later ~ hysterical!
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Funny Money

don't be a fool
let me school
so your have the tool
not be   trap
and get caught in the wrap
let me tell you honey
there lots of
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Shadowed expressions seek peaceful minds
through echoes of dawn's funny song
while servants eyes desire escaped expressions
through ones journey
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Marley Muringakumwe

Given board and room.
 A face, teeth, soccer ball feet and an almost perfect face. Funny when he shaves, He craves, begs, checks and says.... "Ndakamuka."
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its funny the way you haunt
like an always welcome ghost 
chiming chains in my attic

and how you're there, just
always there, keeping 
ever after at it
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Stockman Endorsement

handsome like the Marlboro man
I stared at the old lady, thinking it was funny
then I met him, a handsome jackaroo
jillaroos would come out of the woodwork now
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First Date Thoughts and After Dinner Mints

If you thought me insane, it'd be a start...

If you thought me funny, a joke...

But if you were to think simply nothing of me...

I'd eventually go up in smoke.
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You Are Funny

you make my day
by things you say
you make me smile
too i like your style
i like your jokes
they make me poke
i like your bop
you hop like a
you are funny
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A sasquaches
New found glory
This funny little
Hole in a building
When one day
She walks around
To see her prince
And have him crowned
He saw
At last
Once more