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For Caren

Funny, feisty, fearless
Obliterating output
Rescuer of raccoons

Creative counselor to curious children
Adamant artistic aspirations
Relatives overrunning
Eye for exceptional expression
Nifty note-taking natural!

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It's Time For a Funny

Hello Honey, are you feeling sunny
or another day of crummy?

Are you going to be grumpy
because your a little lumpy?

Your still my little hunky
because your always spunky.

I love you my sweet Honey
because your never a dummy!

For my sweet hubby     T Reams
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Joint Feels of Happiness- I Feel So Happy--

I love of girlfriend
She’s so funny and playful.
She has rife calm smiles
Funny personalities
When she walks I feel happy
I love my boyfriend
He’s too funny and playful.
He’s calm rife smiles
Funny personalities
when he walks I feel happy

written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019©
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Hey secret admirer
You youare give me this flare
A thought of you creates this fire
Coming by you brings this desire
Like cancer within grows 
Like tendrils it sprawls.

Funny I never tell you
'coz you are that kind
Who makes me believe
That love is blind
Since I think you don't see
Which to me is poison
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Master model of me like daughter, 
Other than being a master, also the synonym of incredible, 
The fairy which makes difficulty a silly thing, 
Horrible becomes funny, when you stay with her, 
Everything changes into miracle, also she brings the colours of joy, 
Really a blockbuster lover and clever! 

A gift for my mom on this Beautiful Mother's Day.

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Visiting a Dear Family Friend In Need of a Smile and Some Laughter

having to have eye injections each month,
i make her favorites for dinner
i remember when we could only afford watered down kix
she came with hot plates and shared her blessings and miracles
i put the plate in front of her
i then listen to a funny story (to her) about the "mud in my diaper"
she then asks me if i smoke
i tell her no way and i put that on display
she laughs slightly and says well good
i drive her to her monthly eye injection tomorrow
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Three Little Words

They roam around my head
whisper quietly
begging to come out to play
what would you think if you heard
would you freak out
say it's too soon
what would you do if you knew
these words want life
to be heard
they wish to be screamed
you're so amazing
so beautiful and funny
Handsome and kind
you make me feel wanted
like the future is a gift
would you like my words
would they please you 
make you smile and grin
or would they scare
and cause you to run
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some ****ed in the mouth, put blades
He was not absurd
to give us words.
we have given ourselves
to appear more beautiful
to love otherwise
to be perfect
we do not feel alone
+ need to explain
why and how, etc.. 
all are funny
and finally I do not understand 
Where is He in all of this!?

Can it and shout:
Oh, my God!
but I must take care
to pray
not be afraid
to forget all the words
me to stay away
because some of they make a love of this things
just for them.
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Everything You Say Holds Fascination

Everything you say
holds fascination,
charm me always,
be extraordinary;
it may be a kiss,
or a funny word...
all is gratification,
a deserved reward!

Why be someone who
misses every kiss?
Why spend nights 
alone hugging
a pillow: when it can be you
holding me and start loving?

Everything you say
holds fascination...
creating sensation; 
you have stars for eyes
and tenderness for words;
oh, I adore you today
as I will tomorrow indeed...
even though I will bleed!
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Tripped On Cupid

Tripped on Cupid
Chaim buzzes like a roving bee, "Hey, Honey!!"
Stumbling loving me..."I'll try saying it! Warm & funny":
Together, We delight in any 'Lil Thing,
Like eyeing Brookside Crocuses, purple heralds of Spring!
Can I give you a soothing back rub?
For I'm a wobbling wheel, you're my hub!!
My enamored emotional senses create the wobble,
Without you, Barbara, my life would be trouble!!
Per chance, let's dance... "Hula Hoop it",
I offer a fumble footed jig, Tripped on Cupid!
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Funny Girl

Where should we go? Wherever you want
Pick a place and I'll get us there 
We'll fly standby and take to the sky 
Or I'll pick and we'll land who knows where

Just leave it to me, I know what to see
I promise you'll like where we go
And if it's ok could I hold your hand?
Please walk through this dream with me slow
I'm not in a rush though you might see me blush
When I give you an orchid bouquet
And I'll tell you things played from my heartstrings 
And maybe this dream will then stay
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Dear Soon To Be Ex

I'd say that....(exhales)
I want to see you now,
because I honestly miss you, 
but I know that you're going to give me one of those "I'm busy" lame reasons of yours. 
I pray that my heart gets used to not pumping next to yours, coz that's one thing that reminds of you, 
more than the warmth of your lips, 
the touch of your mind, 
and the thoughts of your hands. 
Oh God! 
This thing called love.
It's funny how it always 
Ends in betrayal and heartbreak 
But we always pray to have more of it.
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On Viagra and Poop- Jan Allison

Rhymes of Viagra and Poop
Our Jan will serve the real scoop
If fun is your thing
She knows what to bring
Your lips will smile and not droop

She is our humorous Queen
Displays the heart of a teen
She's funny and nice
She adds the right spice
A sweeter girl....I've not seen!!!

So, Jan, here's looking at you
For me, you chased away blue
You are a real friend
Stay true to the end
You make my heart feel brand new

Eileen Manassian

Jan....thanks for being such a sweetie pie. You've always been there for me!!!

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So Involved In Your Heart

so involved in your heart
i just relax and let it amaze me
at times i like to listen to it beat
helps me to wind down and calm down
inspires me to be some type of active
unlike the lot of society, i just slow down and let the world be the world without my involvement
i would much rather be involved in the whole wide world of your heart
what would be funny is if i would letter in it
the ironic thing is you would be the one lettering me
....and your name is scarlet....but i am not a sinner in your loving i'ma be alright....
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Hair so perfect, is not so trite
Gorgeous bodice it fits just right
Cosmetic done without a flaw
Shoes plus jewels to match it all

Kind expressions always shown
Softened heart will not condone
Loving words so gently spoken
Forgiving hands will be unbroken

Tender laugh so full of jolly
Funny jokes all filled with folly
Sometimes sorrow you hide so well
Maybe someday you’ll foretell

What should we give?
It came with tears
The gift to give you
Seeming so clear.

We both know we hardly say
I’ll love you mom every single day.
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Nothing To Hide

It's been years since I've seen you
At least that's what it seems
And it doesn't count really
When I see you in dreams

Although dreams serve their purpose 
They're the only place where 
I can act on my longings
And tell you right there

How much that I love you 
While you're there in my arms
And I can be who I am
And I can show you my charms

I can be really funny
I can make you laugh hard
I can show you the real me
Til you let down your guard 

And allow me to see
Who you are inside
And be yourself too
With nothing to hide
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Good Night-Good Morning

I woke up to the sunrise
The sunrise was your face
Imagine waking to that every day
A thought I do embrace

At first I thought it was a dream
I've had those kinds before
But when it didn't fade away
I knew it was for sure 

My smile hasn't left me
I'm sitting on my chair
And looking out across the lake
In blissful trance I stare

Reality's a funny thing
I know that you're not here
But in my thoughts indeed you are 
Your essence always near

So here and there throughout the day
At the picture I will look
Until it lives within the folds
Of your chapter in my memory book
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Love Letter

If I wrote a love letter
And in the wrong hands it fell
Would the reader of words
Be able to tell

What I meant to express
With the words on the page
How deep feelings go
How my hearts still amazed

What's funny with love
Is that it's brought on by fate
It's not felt on purpose
And no recipe makes

So selfless the act 
To give of your heart
There's a chance it could break
Be torn all apart

If I expressed how I felt
Without adding your name
Could they give as their own
Without any change

Try as I might
To get you to see
I love you so much
You just need to believe
Details | Choka |

A Tribute To Andrea Dietrich

she’s a faithful friend
a mentor, a confidant
a trusted teacher
of poetry forms
loyal, loving me for me
with no conditions...

on one occasion
she set aside precious time
to study ALL of my work
yes, from first to last
offering kind opinions
on what she thought were my best...

she loathes the lazy
practice of copy/pasting
bland, boring comments
or: ‘Nice work! Love it! Congrats!’
(short but not so very sweet)
enough already!

she’s funny and fun
honorable and honest
sometimes brutally...
(she knows I need it)
confidence sans cockiness
now THAT’S a lady...

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The Comment Queen - Contest For Pd

She is always there with a comment
Never a negative word passes her pen
Doubt whether she has heard of the people
A comment gives them a boost , to write again

Has a habit of blogging with animation
If I knew how to do it would try
Have a few funny things I could enter
Hope she passes the info on,  I sigh

Love the fact she encourages her daughter
To help with the contests and to write
Poetry has a way of opening your soul
Words escape you didn’t know were inside

Was upset for her when her grandchild died
The pain I am sure is still within
Still she comments and blogs with enthusiasm
Glad the furrowed face has turned to a grin
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Precious Memories

Do you smile when you read these?
Does your heart do funny things
Like mine does when you text me
Or when I hear you sing?

Do you like all the recordings
With the crazy things I say?
Do you sometimes think about me
Here and there each day?

Do you wish upon a shooting star?
Do you down a rainbow slide?
Do you land into a pot of gold?
I do, you're at my side

Do you think about a moment
When these dreams will be no more
Where we're making precious memories
Of the things we've held in store?

The first thing I'll experience?
I'll finally get to kiss
Your lips with all expedience
I've dreamt and dreamt of this
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She Sighs My Silly Man-

My silly man, you inspire me to walk.
I love the way you cuddle and talks,
Invading my mind daily through the night,
Always dreaming about my charming locks.

Let me compare you to an ideal tune?
You are more awesome and more sarcastic.
Black sun heats the funny peaches of June,
And summertime has the amino plastic.

How do I love you? Let me count the ways.
I love your debonair, fingers and style.
Thinking of your strong hand fills my days.
My love for you is the sunny hairstyle.

Now I must away with a surreal heart,
Remember these keen words whilst we're apart.

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2021©
Details | Ode |

Long Live the Queen

long live the queen
her robe so long indeed 
it took a long time to make

your highness my queen
how high her seat only 
the high minded can fit

her majesty my queen
my cap fell off my head in prostration 
oh i didn't mean to be funny

please my queen
my knees wear out my trousers 
i only beg for my right

how beautiful the queen is
could it be mockery? 
even if, you cant tell her to her face
it's worse than treachery

my queen wears a diamond
she may know the price but not the value
i can bet it true
she had never dug the mines

i love my queen
don't misunderstand me, i meant just love
you know what i mean.
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One For the Lads

My days are numbered now,
Since I married the greedy sow.
She thought it was funny,
Spending all of my money,
I'm back where I started,some how.

She took me off to court,
Fair trial,I hoped,I thought.
But not on your nelly,
It's not like the telly.
She's taken everything I  bought.

Everything will work out just fine,
Leaving a CD, thinking it was mine.
She's taken the deep freeze,
Even my pound block of fresh cheese,
I'm sure what she's doing is a crime.

At least we're on speaking terms,
My new flat is clean, without germs.
But I got the last laugh.
Fresh water,in a clean bath,
And get to keep all the money I earn.
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The Ballad and Birthday of Janeet

THE BALLAD AND BIRTHDAY OF Janeet Janeet, Janeet; My sweet, complete; U laugh reminds me; So funny; You beat them tom-toms; Like the Eveready™ bunny; Ya! Banker cries out “where’s the money; Your eyes of gold liken bronze You iz juz az sweet as candy, sweeter than honey; Why ya leave me standing in the rain it wasn't sunny; Ya! Voice so queasy; Sounds like Mrs. Jefferson/ Weasy; And yet U R complicated; Separated yet non-segregated; Though this message; Has just been erased: May be odd and strange; Happy B-day Janeet Janeet
JANEET 12/16/20 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. ©2020