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Details | Ninette |

Reds, You and Me

in hearts
beats in darts
feelings on hold
never crease or fold
beating untold
young or old
your heart

Details | Free verse |

Lost Love

The pain is still covered in love As is the feelings It’s too soon For floods come From lost love
Details | Blank verse |

For the Special One

I have my reasons
I have a few
I have more than just reasons

I have emotions
I have love
I have feelings

Stronger than Hercules
More powerful than lightning
Deeper than words
Details | Alliteration |

Aromatic Florence-

Fondly fragrant favorites fierce findings,
Florence's feelings fluctuate forcefully  foreknighting  fleshly furously fondly voraciously fresh finally flows

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr
Details | Free verse |


Footprints in the snow or a ripple in the creek-
The wet cement of thoughts begin to harden into feelings.
Feelings on the sidewalk are flooded by words. 

For some reason I have no hesitation.
Affirmation blooms like a rose.
Heat from a flame and the sound of rain.

Details | Rhyme |

Hurry Someday

Desire lives inside me
Of that I cannot lie
But I choose to await you 
And settle to apply
Feelings into poems
Unspoken interludes
Heartfelt words and music
Of love and gratitude 
You're my true companion 
I've everything to hide
To whom it may concern
I choose you as my prize
Details | I do not know? |

To Say

To say I love you
Could never do my feelings justice
For a thousand years I could search 
And still never truly find a way to tell you
How much I truly love you
For you are my happiness 
My strength
My soul 
My heart
My world
For this list could never end
So, I’ll simply say I love you
Details | Rhyme |

Purple Haze

My mind has long since left behind
that sad and lonely place
The memories so strangely,
don't include your lovely face
The feelings and the longings
have left without a trace
My heart has found another love,
yours never could replace
But the image of that purple dress 
I never will erase
Details | Free verse |

A Heart For U-

I have a heart for you and it is beating; My love of you I view from within my hearts mind; And in my spirit within my soul these feelings never go; I think I am so, in love with you, one day I'll let you know;
1/20/22 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2022©
Details | Free verse |


My life
My heart
My honour 
My light
My cares
My mind
My thoughts
My lies
My truth
My pride
My dreams
My reasons
My history
My fears
My fight
My darkness
My feelings
My home
My hopes
My soul
My future
My money
My time


I box, I seal, I wrap, I tie.

I give to you my wife.
Details | Free verse |

Strung Out Heart

My heart
Can’t say it’s over
Just following 
Can’t understand why my heart still beats

Heartache that’s strung out on love
Love that was so so 

Red flags swaying in the wind

Can’t say it’s over
Heart only knows love and nothing more

Stirring memories in the wind
filling my head   
Bringing heartache and pain
Details | Epic |

Love You To the Moon and Back

love you to the moon and back

We always talk about love
Yet what is love 
Could it be this heart beat I bear 
Could it be this headache of feeling
Like a cap on my head 
Could it be the colours of my dreams 
Could it be the feelings
When I miss
What is love for you baby?
Cos I know I could 
Love you to the moon and back
Details | Rhyme |

Silent Feelings

Keep with you the knowledge
That lies within your heart
For in my life you brought me joy
From the very start

The day that I first saw your eyes
I never will forget
Your smile so warm and beautiful
Your looks, your charm, your whit

Cause in this life a man can love
More each passing day
With silent feelings grown robust
I can't let you get away
Details | Rhyme |

Before We Pass

Make love to me before we pass
Beyond our earthly ends
For how can love that feels so right
Be looked at as a sin

Let's move our feelings beyond words
Of those we share as friends
And join our bodies into one
Just like our minds have been

And let my eyes reflect on you
As you look into my soul
The feelings that I feel for you
As only I could know
Details | Rhyme |

Reflection of You

May my eyes reflect upon you
As you look into my soul
The feelings that I have for you
As only I could know

No matter what you think I feel
Much more still lies in wait
But the circumstance that binds our lives
Steps between our fate

So if the time should come
And our lives you wish to share
Please let me know that you are free 
And I will be right there
Details | Free verse |

Heartache Bottle

You knocked my house down while I was inside loving you Oh….. I don’t understand I’ve held you close to the moon Under the stars and this is what you do I don’t know how to walk with memories chasing me I’m locked in my bottle for only a moment Diluting the heartache I battled and battled for To be so torn From thought to feelings In a storm
Details | ABC |

Dodwana 1

My heart not beating normally
Can't control my self emotionally
I'm going crazy mentally
But I'm going to do this the right way professionally
Tell you how I feel alphabetically
Making my feelings known intentionally
Wish I could be with you physically
But my dreams never become reality
It's sad right
I'm writing this too late
Cause you're already involved with some else romantically.
Details | Free verse |

I Can Love-Just Love Me

Unchanged and unchangeable; Install bridel feelings; Inner meanings; Emotional attachments in bracing mind spirit and soul ; Bold and vain attractions attachments loath; Captivated sources applications void; I can love; I can love; I believe you love me; What's up, honey-darling; Will you, will you, just love me;
5/21/21 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr 2021
Details | Rhyme |

They Just Flow

Every word I write turns into poetry for you 
It's this great love I have that causes them to
All I need to do is to think upon your name
Then the words they just start coming, and then begin to frame
A literary picture, my heart controls the pen
It conveys its deepest feelings and they come up again
They boil to the surface in vocabularic flow
Only written for you and just for you to know
Details | Blank verse |

The End


A stolen glance 
A sincere smile
A confused stare
A returned smile
...........................The beginning 

A sincere heart
Seeking TRUE love
But a friendly stare
Sincere chat
None would dare 
............................The Continuation

A rise in emotions
Distant communication
Sincere feelings
A sincere smile
A sincere heart
Vanishes to thin air
Just like that...
.......................The End
Details | Iambic Pentameter |


Her eyes set my entire soul on fire; 
Burning under the collar in her gaze. 
My mind and my loins ablaze with desire.
To her silky voice; my whole body sways. 
She does not see me, as I watch from near; 
So she does not see the love in my eyes, 
Or how I long to feel her sweet, soft stare.
She does not know the feelings I hold dear;
She cannot see my internal, my guise; 
For though here we stand, I am not there.
Details | Free verse |


unseen thoughts of misery 
haunt her brain cells
breakdown in her dreams, 
wall of wonderland
she is tip-toeing through the pricking comments 
love of a black hole she attracts milked stars
honeyfied, the sun be a queen of her galaxy 
burning, turning men into ashes 
she loves not of feelings
but atoms, matter 

an ocean 
most men drown in her eyes 
8 hours to touch her ocean bed
7 falls 8 stand
Details | Blank verse |

I Am In Love

She is in my life
She has made me happy
She has given me a smile

When I wake up
I think of her
When I sleep
I dream of her

Throughout my day
I day dream about her
I can't stop my feelings for her

She is amazing
From the bottom to the top
She is filled
With perfection from within

It's so hard
To tell her how I feel
How much she means to me
How much I want her

I am in love and it can't be stopped
Details | Free verse |

Another Poem To Her

You are my sun that shines
Bright in my blue skies,
The beautiful moonlight in my night sky,
The bright star that keeps my hopes alive.

To see you smile there is no impossibility
That I wouldn't dare face.
I love you indefinitely more than what 
The farthest corners of your imagination can reach.

If my feelings could speak for themselves,
Then it would be, immortal words, 
More beautiful than any poem or song
Ever written.
Details | Free verse |

Damn This Heart

Damn this heart

This heart I have
Can I give it back to the maker?
Why did you fill it with so much love?
So much passion
The weight of it sinks me like a stone
Drowning in feelings
I never truly have peace of mind
When my heart searches for love and more, more
Passing out love like candy
Desiring a love I cannot have
Damn this heart of mine
I ask again