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Our Silver Anniversary

From the day I promised to be with you forever… It’s now been 25 years together! Through the trials, laughter and many miles We’ve had our share of joy and trials! You’ve been so loving patient with me. My beautiful wife— my lovely sweetie! This anniversary, I am so very proud of you! You’re a wonderful wife! Faithful and true! With you, God has given me the best! My love for you is so hard to express! I Love YOU! Is what I will always say, This very special anniversary day!!! Love, Jim

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Saying Goodbye To Strings of Lies

When did it get so easy?
 For him to lie to her
Was it after the first anniversary?

He, plotted; he plan, he cheated, he lied
He became the mastermind of deception
While she kept up appearances for her children
A loving wife smile in public, 
However, behind closed doors she cried
 Until that one summer night;
 When she snapped and 
Said, no, more, no more
When did it get so easy?
 For him to lie to her;
 The jilted wife is now on death row,
 Sweetly! Smiling, no remorse
When did it get so easy?
 Saying goodbye to strings of lies
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Flowers For Grandma

Watching out my window,
 To see what I could see,
I saw my little grandchild,
As happy as could be.

She was walking through the meadow,
Talking to the air,
She seemed to think somebody,
Was actually with her there.

I saw her stop to listen,
Then slowly tilt her head,
I couldn’t help but wonder,
What her friend had said.

Then happily she started,
 Picking flowers of every kind,
And made a beautiful bouquet,
A nicer one you would never find.

She then came running in the house,
And gave them all to me,
She said they are from grandpa,
He said happy anniversary.

Brenda Meier-Hans
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The Genius

Nikola Tesla came to America in the 1880's to work with Thomas Edison,
a lot of his brilliant ideas getting patented by others who had a bank run,
today being the anniversary of his dying poor in a hotel in New York City,
a pioneer of a/c transmission and wireless technology he will always be a genius in history.


Addendum: Tesla was born in Croatia on 7-10-1856 and died in NY city on 1-7-1943.
A/C power transmission
Death ray machine
Fluorescent lights
Induction motor
Polyphase a/c system
Rotating magnetic field principle
Telephone repeater
Tesla coil transformer
Wireless communication
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Anniversary Collabration

Today on our wedding anniversary we get together and write this poem, my beloved wife and I.

Anniversary collaboration

It’s forty nine years now
Since we wed on that day
But dear, I still love you
In the grandest of ways 
I’m glad that we married
I love you so much
I hope you still love me
Though I’m greying a touch.

Yes I will still love you
Though you have gone grey
We will keep on loving
In the same lovely way
Our lives till forever
They will be entwined
Forever my darling
I will still be thine.

I thank thee my angel
For I could not live
Without you beside me
You have much to give
I give you my heart
And I give you my soul
Each moment I’m with you
My world feels so whole

These forty nine years
You have gave me such bliss
If you were not with me
How you I would miss
I thank you for giving 
Me your heart, and soul
I’m glad that I get you
To feeling so whole.

Vepe collaboration 12 June 2014.

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Forever In Your Eyes

Forever together, through good times and bad,
Our pledge to each other when we exchanged our vows.
Right from the moment we met I knew how special you were.
Even now I can’t believe you said YES on
Valentine’s Day when I proposed to YOU
Even though it wasn’t a Leap Year!
Romance was in the air for us on that special day.

I tell you every day that I love you with all my heart. 
Now we have just celebrated our Silver Anniversary.

You are the one I married, the man that I adore,
Our son is testament to our love for each other.
Understanding and listening to your partner is the
Recipe for success, along with a sprinkling of romance.

Even though we have seen difficult times recently
You have been my rock and without your
Emotional support I’d have struggled to get through.
So my darling, remember that I’ll be here for you until the day I die.

Forever in your eyes contest Sponsored by John Hamilton.


Book: Reflection on the Important Things