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Dark Romance Poems

These Dark Romance poems are examples of Romance poems about Dark. These are the best examples of Romance Dark poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Questionable
When we first start to speak,
we first learn to say three words.
Mommy~daddy and no,
that was not for me.
My first word was very questionable,
since it was...

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Categories: romance, child, dad, mom, time,

Premium Member A Sweet Fairytale
Grandma has a pretty flower garden,                   ...

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Categories: romance, books, cat, dog, flower,

Premium Member If Only I Could
If only I could have the power,                  ...

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Categories: romance, dream, life, love, people,

Premium Member April
April filled with love
Pretty blue skies with big clouds
Rain will bring a bath
Iris and flowers will grow
Lovely gardens springing up

Date Written: 3/28/2023
March Into April -...

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Categories: romance, beauty, flower, fun, garden,

Premium Member Please
Today in this fast paced world,
manners seem to be lost
Where have they gone,
can we find them and bring them back to life.
Growing up manners was...

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Categories: romance, child, life, sunset, thank

Premium Member Hell Your New Home
Your words and actions
lashing out at everyone
fire~smoke everywhere

Do you love the heat
hell could be your great hot spot
new home made for you


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Categories: romance, cry, evil, fire, hurt,

Premium Member My Cute Little Puppy Nursery Rhyme
My cute little puppy,
let us go riding in my doll buggy,
let us go riding in my doll buggy.

My cute little puppy, 
I am so very...

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Categories: romance, child, cute, day, dog,

Premium Member Navigate
A captain will navigate his ship
keeping it safe for his men.
A pilot will navigate his plane
for his passengers.
Like the ship's captain and the airline pilot,

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Categories: romance, boat, day, life, sun,

Premium Member My Pretty Colorful Rose Bouquet MR
The yellow rose is filled with sunshine and joy,  
she says welcome back or good luck.  

The red rose tells a story of...

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Categories: romance, blue, green, happy, love,

Premium Member In the Grass
Walking in the grass,                     ...

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Categories: romance, betrayal, cool, friend, green,

Premium Member Spreading Happiness
S - Spreading happiness and smiles to every
P - Person near and far
R - Ringing out great cheer
E - Everyone will hear
A - And I...

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Categories: romance, happy, life, love, memory,

Dark Tourism
Ground Zero came at one hundred degrees.
A fusing of life and death.
The graveyard came at twelve O’Clock
Not a single body to be seen.
From that infinite...

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Categories: romance, allegory, science fiction,

The Ghost and the romance of the Nighthag by FD Ravenskraft
The Ghost and the Romance of 
by FD F.D. Ravenskraft

as I sleep, I'm seeing her weep
but in an angry release choking me to my deceased

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Categories: romance, anxiety,

Premium Member Music
As a baby we first hear music as a lovely lullaby,
in loving arms as we are rocked to sleep.
As a toddler we learn to dance...

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Categories: romance, baby, child, dance, fun,

Premium Member Easter
In this commercial world we live in,                  ...

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Categories: romance, candy, god, love, remember,