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Halloween Rhyme Poems

These Halloween Rhyme poems are examples of Rhyme poems about Halloween. These are the best examples of Rhyme Halloween poems written by international poets.

Be Brave Princess

Hello my gorgeous baby 
My beautiful wonderful Angel. 
I love you with all of my heart
and I'm sorry if this message is painful.
there are some...

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Categories: child, devotion, feelings, love,

Premium Member The Awakening
Skylight unshaded and yet still it rests
Dark clouds impeding the sunlight’s ingress
To many it’s frightening, but in truth the lightning
May, this day, the catalyst be


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Categories: halloween, parody, sleep,

Premium Member It Is Hallows Eve
Peeking in the door at me at a quarter to three
What to my amazed wandering eyes could it be?
A goblin or a ghost or a...

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Categories: 1st grade, 2nd grade,

All Hallows Eve
As the last light hangs its head in shame
consuming darkness slithers o’er the plain.
From within the black echoes screams of men
whose demise repeats again …...

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Categories: evil, halloween, horror,

Premium Member Zombie
Little birdy said “a lot of coma coming soon”
When the earth chills down with a blood red moon
Silent shrieks abound as the brains dissolve 

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Categories: dark, evil, halloween,

Premium Member Same Old Story
Ebony took her jack-o-lantern and sat on Cauldron Hill.
She was Old McWee’s familiar, so she knew she could be still.
The silence of the night boded...

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Categories: 3rd grade, 4th grade,

We The Few
Autumn nights, cool & dark. You feel the season begin to change.
An energy shift, a chill in the air, something cometh - something strange.
Out of...

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Categories: halloween, october, spiritual,

Premium Member I Wear A Mask
I wear a mask for reasons of a great variety,
not just to contain the spread of corona virus COVID19,
but also because I retired recently,
and I...

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Categories: self,

Premium Member Ebony Cat and Pumpkin Bright
A wizard, a witch and a wand went that way.
But the Ebony Cat and the Pumpkin decided to stay.
They had heard about the antics of...

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Categories: cat, halloween,

Premium Member The Lying Witch In The Wardrobe
Eager for candy they roam door to door
They’ve got quite a lot but they’d like a lot more
Dan rang the bell at house number twenty

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Categories: halloween, humor,

Premium Member No God Of Mine
Cement, sand and gravel, blood, body and soul
Eternity bred from hell's darkest hole
Combine gruesome aggregates, hydrate the mix
Mould them and dry them, then stack up...

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Categories: halloween, horror,

Premium Member Who Is Knocking On The Door Nursery Rhyme
Who is knocking at the door?
A very hungry dinosaur!
I came to you to get my treat
Not real food, but something sweet.

Who is knocking at...

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Categories: halloween,

All Hallows Eve
October brings shivers to folks in Three Rivers
When fields of green turn to brown
And the people excited are more than delighted
By leaves that come tumbling...

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Categories: halloween, humor,

Premium Member RANT OF THE DAY

it’s exasperating and makes my stomach churn
there’s a brand new prejudice at every turn
looking at others out of the corner of our eye
all this nitpicking...

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Categories: anger, conflict, judgement, people,

A Child Meets A Ghost
It is the middle of the night
My eyes open slowly
Fear strikes me in the moonlight
As I look at something unholy

It stands there staring at me

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Categories: boy, evil, fear, halloween,