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Friendship Religious Poems

These Friendship Religious poems are examples of Religious poems about Friendship. These are the best examples of Religious Friendship poems written by international poets.

Sassanid Sun reborn as the Divine Khan Part 1
Shapur I, Wise King of the Simurgh Kingdom, and friend of Mani 
The King of Kings of Iran and non-Iran, the sun of many 

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Categories: death, friendship, history, religious,

Premium Member Love Sciences
Love Sciences

By Mark D. Stucky
If romantic love requires “chemistry,”
how elemental for love is physics?
Negative and positive charges
lustfully attract one another.
But proceed with caution!
Matter and antimatter

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Categories: religious, emotions, feelings, love, mystery,

Premium Member Blood- Red Dawn
A crimson tide o'er Golgotha ascends
No chalice held, a sacrifice.
The Holy Week 
a shroud that slowly rends.
Mourning flocks 
adrift from faith's secure fold.

A traitor’s kiss,...

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Categories: christian, easter, religious, spiritual,

What is religion?
Dad what is religion, it so confuses me
I know about church is that all it can be?
I sing the songs and listen to stuff
But watching...

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Categories: religious, christian, faith, islamic, jewish,

Premium Member My Jesus
Route, pronounced either ROOT or ROWT, is pronounced ROWT in this poem.
Jesus came down and lived with us, he felt our pain.
He shared his love...

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Categories: religious, baptism, beautiful, bible, blessing,

Living for Others
There is no comfort in what I do 
I just choose my burdens
Learn to accept my responsibilities  
Live out my life finding happiness 

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Categories: religious, anxiety, caregiving, endurance, feelings,

Premium Member Out of Many One
Jesus prayed, “Father, make them one,” 
So that through them, our will shall be done.
This is God’s will for the church on earth,
The one to...

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Categories: religious, christian, community, friendship love,

Premium Member A Birthday Prayer
Dear God, as captain of my life,
You’ve steered me through life’s storms and strife,
And brought me to Port sixty-two,
Despite the stormy winds that blew.

Ere since...

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Categories: religious, birthday, blessing, god, life,

Premium Member True Friendship
God made us with a special lust,
For friendship with people we trust.
This lust is for kinship with God,
Though oft misplaced because we’re flawed.

Become a friend...

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Categories: religious, christian, friend, friendship love,

Premium Member Quantum Virtues
Quantum Virtues

By Mark D. Stucky
The cosmos consists of infinite
        infinitesimal interactions

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Categories: religious, community, faith, friendship, love,

Premium Member Quantum Acts of Kindness
Quantum Acts of Kindness

By Mark D. Stucky
Our universe collectively consists of tiny acts,
        as innumerable particles

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Categories: religious, friendship, god, love, relationship,

Intimate Truth
"When your best friend turn out to be a spy due to money , tears will become your daily drinks. "
                                           Quote by poet

Intimate truth,...

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Categories: religious, death of a friend,

The Struggle Within Our Spirit
(Struggle within our? Spirit?)

The struggle within our own spirits. We have to realize that Our Lord’s decision comes first. 

As humans, we have a tendency...

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Categories: religious, bible, blessing, christian, encouraging,

Basil the Bogomil
Basil the Bogomil and his good friends were preaching the truth in all its light, about Jesus Christ’s mercy in the world’s pitch darkness. Though...

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Categories: religious, betrayal, friendship, history, jesus,

Purushottam Shri Ram
Shri Ram means patience 
Shri Ram means knowledge, 
Shri Ram means tolerance 
Life returns in the name of Shri Ram. 
Shri Ram means love 

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Categories: religious, philosophy, poetry, spiritual,

Book: Shattered Sighs