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Faith Religious Poems

These Faith Religious poems are examples of Religious poems about Faith. These are the best examples of Religious Faith poems written by international poets.

The Help
M•any try to toe the line but somehow manage to go astray
Y•oung to old, so many, too many travel this way

H•arnessing spiritual power in this...

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Categories: religious, allah, christian, faith, god,

Pillar of Salt and Wisdom
As Lot and his wife
Left the city of Sodom
Where gnosis flourished
His wife heard Yaldabaoth’s wrath
As the two lands burned
Hearing the children crying
Her heart made blood...

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Categories: inspirational, memorial, religious, sympathy,

Premium Member Paradise Restored
There lurks within the human soul,
a lust for the perfect and whole.
This haunting hint of something lost
drives our quest to win at all costs.


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Categories: religious, christian, future, heaven, paradise,

Modern day pharisees
The Holy Spirit through our souls searches
and in despair silently He cries:
there are so many Pharisees in churches,
exhibiting hypocrisy and lies.

About Christ abundantly they know,

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Categories: religious, christian, heart, jesus, pride,

Premium Member I Saw God But Now What
.                        ...

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Categories: religious,

Blood and Moss
Good Friday night, and haunted by the cross 
The body in the darkness sends the mind
To go out searching for him. Blood and moss
The crown...

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Categories: religious, christian, easter, england, faith,

What is religion?
Dad what is religion, it so confuses me
I know about church is that all it can be?
I sing the songs and listen to stuff
But watching...

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Categories: religious, christian, faith, islamic, jewish,

Gee jy nog om? - english translation included
Gee jy nog om

Gee jy nog om vir jou naaste?
Sal dit so wees op die laste?
Wanneer ons moet staan op ons geloof,
Sal jy dan nog...

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Categories: religious, care, god, people, poetry,

Premium Member Faith
I know a hole in the ground is not the end
I pray dear Lord forgive me of my sin
The end of the fence I can...

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Categories: religious, death, forgiveness, life,

Fear not
Inspired by the phrase "Fear not" that is in the Bible 365 times. 

No matter what we are going through, God has already found the...

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Categories: religious, angel, bible, blessing, encouraging,

Premium Member Faith Bird
Faith Bird

By Mark D. Stucky

 “Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.” -- Rabindranath Tagore

Faith bird,...

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Categories: religious, faith, light, prayer, psychological,

Empty Seats
Take a church full of sinners with issues galore,
each needing profoundly the grace of the Lord.
Some trapped in addiction, some weighed down in sin,
some struggling...

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Categories: religion, religious,

God Is Not Religious
Forget the religious folks, they don’t have a clue. 
Of who God really is, or what He can do.
 They talk churchy talk, man they...

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Categories: religious, addiction, atheist, easter, faith,

Premium Member Munich Home of Monks
Walking through the tall pines of Perlarcher forst 
Munich Germany I walk deep within the woods 
every day the barbarian alps in my view colorful...

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Categories: religious, angel, christian, faith, father,

His Lullaby
Give me your troubled heart.
Give me your weary mind.
Give me your heavy load, 
I’ll make it mine.

I know you don’t remember now
the time we used...

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Categories: god, inspirational, religious,

Book: Reflection on the Important Things