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The inhumanity of Man is really quite atrocious.
He thinks himself intelligent, he thinks himself precocious.

And yet his acts of selfishness show inately he's unkind.
His sudden acts of cruelty can boggle lesser minds.

No animal will torture before it finally kills,
But Mankind on the other hand can really give one chills.

He loves to feel the power that he holds above the head,
Of any creature he may own if he chooses then it's dead;

Just because his annoyed it barked or caused him trouble;
So he killed it in some painful way, he wouldn't take the trouble,

To find the beast another home where it's love would be returned,
For that's all it ever wanted it's little heart still yearned,

For just a kindly word from him, a gentle hand, that's all,
A little comfort and some food and he was give his all,

To a man who didn't need to vent his imperfections,
Upon a helpless little beast who only wanted affection.

Copyright © Judy Ball