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Happy Anniversary

1st date was at the movies
When I saw you it was like a movie
Thoughts romantically moving
In slow motion 
My words driving to Fast and Furious tripping over themselves
I still remember that feeling from the beginning, like 50 First Dates
Memories hugged between suspense and bliss, live rent free in my dreams
Some are searching for that warmth again, but I don't have to  
The cold goes away every time I look at u
We slow dance in the middle of the street in La La Land
Slow dancing to Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist with you is a forever vibe
Everytime we go to buy groceries, let's slow dance in the middle of the store aisle 
Fast forward through the distance and time
I'm crying seeing you walk down the aisle
We hold hands through the vows 
It still feels like we are at the movies, Deja Vu...take a bow
The way you smile, mmm something about the way you smile
I know I'm sorry is not enough to pick up the pieces but I'm trying to do better and I hope you can see
I work long hours so we can spend long hours on the beach
I want to provide for our family
It just the beginning but I have the end in mind
Stress and the grind, communication and time
I know I have to be vunerable but I'm still learning how
How to walk each step with you and not be too proud to do everything on my own
No longer on my own, even though I act like it sometimes
I am ashamed of myself sometimes, or the self you see sometimes
I'm trying to be patient but the frustration causes me to move too fast sometimes
I'm not trying to leave you behind, I get beside myself at times
Two year anniversary in 2020 and the growth had certainly come with time
I know it's hard to see right now but one day we will see it, the same way I see you, and the same way you see me
Plain as day but our future is as bright the stars that I sleep under in my dreams
Stars that reside in your eyes
Stars as beautiful as diamonds with the warmth of twilight
And we will do it all together as a family under God
Together we are the best team, so when we argue remember we are on the same team
I love you more will forever ring
Like the rock on your finger
My feelings for you will linger
After the ending credits
Never forget this
P.s. I love you...

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