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Precious is God's daughter-cd

I dedicated to you on this day this verse to you on this day don't let your selective inter parts deceive you on this day you have a caring heart and I believe good within you stands greater things thank you you're being creative your the wonderful like a bird singing earnestly and I believe in yourself it makes you more valuable you are not work for me you are God. And you will try when you thinking your heart is precious more valuable than gold the raindrop fall into your heart these are not Tears in Heaven but a quiet blessings and I am encouraged and I'm proud to say I am honored that you would even show me the light of day you are crazy you are part of God glorious hard I am honored yet still I pray that you would never be dismayed now. Child you are here please always be the way that you eating your craziest kind why and sometimes playfully swrude So I am engaged I am honored and I am delighted to say you are Gloria May the rain fall may you be wet and got make sure you never miss you and I wish you well the well you are in license my turning I'm so the license to say you are God's daughter kind of way

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr.2022©

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr.