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Maybe I'm pathetic
as I heel by your door 
waiting for more
knowing there's not much 
of anything in store.

But I would wait for you 
forever and a day
I can't take a hint
I'm just not clever 
that way. 

If I was a millionaire
I buy you the moon
so it could 
shine up in the sky
Just for you.

But I don't have that much
I do the best I can do
I wish you would see
my love Is a gift
that I offer to you.

I wish you were a genie
because I have a wish.
I wish my love was
valuable to you.
like a priceless jewel
but I'm afraid 
I'm just a fool.

I love you more 
than I can express
and I know 
that at times I'm a mess
but when you talk to me 
I feel blessed.

So please 
never give up on me
as I pledge
my fealty to you.
If I lost you
I don't know what I do.

Copyright © Sam Harty