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May I Sense Life's Fury

When the full moon's light starts to fade. The sun also gives life to all of the glades. Natural World views life as a charade. The bloom time of spring is underway. Azalea flowers come in a vibrant pink display. Plants spread spotlessly under the sunray. Even lethal flora such as Jimson weed. Grow for a reason and not only to impede. Mother Nature's sages continue to exceed Fruit or grain harvesting is the same. All life can be sustained with her aim. Mother Nature gave both rain and flame Farm owners raise crops such as agave. They are ready to make juice and stave. And through the glass pane, humans crave. Seeds are sown on fertile ground. Flood plains are ideal for crops abound.  Replace or repair any plant that looks unsound. We want for future devoid of man pollution.  In the past, all had been in desperation. Be aware of Mother Nature's frustration.
Written: April 18, 2022

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