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They Missed The Plot

Sarcastically writing about people who like me, that's what they say but I know it's  unlikely, I'm playing myself but talking as their eyes see, self put downs acting as mad as I might be,

 I know if there's a chance it might be true, that they won't think twice before they conclude, I'm mad as a bat with a brain so confused, this unchallenged answer gifts them a good mood,

 they only feel like winners when another does lose, hitting rock bottom left battered and bruised, and keeping you there in a hidden pursuit they tell all the world how they want to help you,

 I talk about how I have lost my own plot, I do it through humour they know I have got, to see if they say it and realise the plot, or jump at the chance to believe my mind's shot, 

they say they're my friends but are blind to the test, will they think the worst as is seen by the rest, or see it my humour and choose to contest, as they are the people who do know me best? 

They don't even question the fact I'm insane, the only outcome that their minds entertain, though they've seen this humour time and again, they take the advantage for personal gain.

What I am saying shows the mind of a nutcase, but what I'm saying would come out of their face, what they think of me fits right into place, I show the worst of me they're quick to embrace. 

The fact is I'm them and ironically mocking,
I'm saying what they say believing rock bottom, 
and they quickly grasp it as truth though it's rotten, 
and that's why these people are friends I've forgotten. 

Seen as my friends means their view's validated,
Until I point out all I have for them's hatred, 
as they wander straight for the trap I created, 
exposing these wasters who hope I'll be slated

Copyright © Nick Trim