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You've Got To Tell Your Story

Walls explode, windows crash
Lightning in the middle, ceremoniously mash
the safety of my core, the distressed world of my being
that has given me a reality, gazing into the sky, seeing
the truth written in heavenly bodies and locked in a celestial

Wandering through the maze of triumph and defeat
Playing tug-of-war with every soul I meet
Straddling between two worlds, navigating a dangerous cycle
Wondering if the dilemma I’m in needs the presence of
Archangel Michael and the ambassadors of heaven who uncover
the remains of my shattered soul.

The prevailing unveiling of my unfinished tale,
Which has weathered every tempestuous and stormy gale
Rears its furious head and says in all its glory
“You can’t die now, you’ve got to tell your story!”
This echo from my center reminds me of a winter 
that taught me and brought me to my knees, not wanting
to pay the spiritual fees of my accidental mistakes and coincidental

A roughening up, a toughening up of my disheveled being
captures the root of my anxiety and serves it up seeing my
compliance, asking for holy alliance with the creator to make 
sense of this newness of life, absence from strife, that I am not
familiar with nor ready to receive in the midst of being unprepared
for the blessings which lie ahead.

How can this be? I’m not ready, you see? This new thing, this true thing
that comes to the light! It feels wonderful, yet so scary,
so overwhelming, I still want to bury, the feelings that fight through the
dirt and the darkness to let me know that you are worth more than your violent past so stop wearing the mask of self-hatred, deceit, unworthiness, and defeat.  You are not what has happened to you, not what someone has done to you!  With a few more climbs and a few more chimes, the truth won’t be so gory...

The time has come, the nightmare is over…YOU’VE GOT TO TELL YOUR STORY!

Copyright © Nadine Johnson