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The Cardinal and the Rose

Cardinal, a bird of all seasons was seen flying
in a cloak of feathers in flaming red 
and a small crest upon his head. 
He looked an enchanting sight, 
in the blue panorama of the sky 
amid curling clouds and blurring mist.

As he soared, he was piping joyful melodies 

Suddenly he swooped down, into my little garden, 
where exotic flowers ooze out a rare fragrance, 
where I stood unseen inebriated, under the tiara of blossoms.

The cardinal without second thoughts
alighted on a tall growing rose bush
where a red rose stood smiling, awashed in morning dew.
Between them, there was a hushed whisper

Is it the red color common in both
that conjoined them in love all at once?
With wind’s exciting whips and sunbeams’ sudden slips,
I saw him kissing hard upon her dewy lips.

In embarrassment, other flowers
turned their demure faces away!


The Cardinal and the Rose Poetry Contest
Sponsor- craig cornish 

Copyright © Valsa George