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Don't you just love it when you set off an alarm,
Accidentally of course,
Which causes  one no end of alarm, 
With bleak thoughts of how your day will change course.

Of course,
On this particular day,
An unexpected force,
Came into play.
Which actually lessened my sense of alarm,
As one could only laugh at this new course,
That came into play.

I only rang the wrong customer,
To tell them the alarm had gone off,
And what with the noise of the alarm, 
And with the customers,
Having similar names, 
No wonder the code to turn the alarm off, 
Did nothing to lessen our alarm,
With the customer telling us not to worry about cleaning today,
When for the second time we heard the alarm.

But before we left for to go on our merry way, 
I realised I had called the wrong customer, 
And all I could do was laugh,
At something that had almost blown our day off course,
But not my wife whose voice was turning coarse,
She could not even produce a single giggle this day,
As new names for me were invented, as a matter of course.

So after waiting for the alarm,
To run its course,
We got our cleaning done for the day,
Without being further alarmed.
But we were concerned of course,
That none of the neighbours, though armed,
With their own alarm,
Were in not in any way alarmed,
But I suppose we have to accept that today, 
That is pa for the course.

Copyright © David Smith