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The Entitled

I flung free my terrace garden pane Assured that wherever my eyes feign Beauty expects this worn soul to bare A rhyme to wish rare birds do I share The eaves of my rooftop linger so The pitter-patter of raindrops flow A song plays onward to match my verse Blest be this day goes finer than worse Shall I free myself from these rooms hold Command my weary bones to be bold It pains me so that I must now leave This place bewitch me of fear I cleave The day grows cold I must close my world For I must stay where I will be curled Close everything now, here I must stay My retreat strangely soothes me they say Some novel day it will have a name For now unprocessed I live in shame Soon I am weak my fortitude, gone To my chambers so I am withdrawn The day had started viewed I belong Be I was finer than I was strong For what day is this that I naught cheer Say nothing for the answer I fear Be naught simple days but years instead My journey ends at my chamber bed From whence I rose there was light and life Spare naught the dagger immortal strife This time though move still I dismiss that Takedown these mirrors none to look at This solitude for it serves me well I will sleep awhile just for a spell Let the day move away greet the night By the morrows, dawn be I all right Be your night fine sort, sir, for I bow I depart for a day's journey now. 2020 January 30 Howmanysyllables; 36 lines x 9 syllables per = 324 syllables total

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