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Longevity of Unconditional Love

We run in the sun today
In the month of the bright, beautiful time of May
We walk in the rays of sunshine
Lord, give us a elegant design
Has been painted in the skies of lullabies
It’s dazzling how time flies and angels cry out their prudent cries
It’s summertime and I should’ve gone
Swimming in the lake of lovely longevity
From delightful dusk to dreamy dawn
We’re living our dreams of radiant reality

We run in the sun today,
Playing activities and challenges as we may and we sway
Like butterflies amongst the desirable daisies and shimmering sunflowers,
Playing on our leisure time for many, many hours
And planning on waving our goodbyes at our negativity’s nostalgic days and seeking His praise in many ways
It’s amazing how much time we spend gaily and tremendously in a single summer haze

It’s summertime and I should’ve gone
Swimming in the lake of lamentless, lovely longevity
From delightful dusk to dazzling dawn
We’re living our dreams of everlasting serenity

My handwriting is getting worse and messier by the minute due to excitement and cheer inside of me without any fear, but anxiously happy...
My ideas of writing these poems of positivity and prosperity are endless I must admit delightfully...willing to reach out to freedom’s fortitude joyously
I won’t pout about and whine insanely like a new born infant
We’re going to feel glorious gratification from on high in an instant
Longevity of love and adoration shine on
From delightful dusk to dismayless dawn
Longevity of love and adoration shine on
From beautiful dusk to spectacular dawn

It’s remarkable that we have a day to honor all mothers and it should last for an eternity and forevermore, even though life can be a challenging chore
They are like the feathers of a serene, drifting dove, encouraging the wings of flight all the more, for there is a lot of hopefulness and blessings in store

We need to show appreciation and love for one a go-getter, not a regretter
We need to belong together forever...don’t fret, for the trials of life will make us feel better
Show that we care sincerely for each other
Show appreciation towards your father and mother

We run in the sun
On Mother’s Day and having a bunch of fun
Let’s feel at ease
Please welcome the blessed breeze
As we celebrate Mother’s Day
With the ever-swaying, tranquil trees of precious passion today
The desert wind has slowed down
Time spent with loved ones
Gives me an upside down frown
Everyday, we look forward to daughters and sons, gaining respect, kindness and adoration towards their parents, not to be disobedient and rebellious - behave and be brave with zealousness towards them and Father God, children and adults alike
This is my wondrous dedication with my utmost might
To my family and friend who need it most and the like
This will be a post of pleasant positivity and let’s all have a sensational Sunday of sympathetic compassion as we seek His haven all day and night

Copyright © J.W. Earnings