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Share Love And Light With A Vibrant Energy

I have just reached the end of the school year
giving my last lesson to the last group, as it were
Unlike before, not quite content with what has been done
on whom would I put the blame in the long run?!
Apart from the human factor, we have Covid-nineteen
and under my wings students at the age of a teen
To teach a youth, you need understanding.. patience and time
how would I make it, as students study part-time?!
Day on, day off.. that’s the school year for them so far
how to ensure the development of the learners’ repertoire?!
Hard I strived to hide the leak of confusion on my face
as it was puzzling to recognize my students with a mask on each face!
I spare you the trouble of an everyday struggle with every task
as my students and I are sweating under a suffocating mask!
Just envision me teaching the phonetic symbols and every problem sound
without accurately mouthing utterances and hearing a clear sound!
“Group 1 or 2?” Would you please your teacher remind?
that’s of paramount importance than any other task assigned!
A quick look at my notebook to check what is written down
so that I would be in the know after each two-week lockdown!
To God’s countless blessings I am grateful so much
though guilty with the feeling of not being able to do much
Still facing the dangers of the pandemic and its many a wave
and need not just get Covid-19 vaccine but also be brave
Possess a valiant heart, share Love and Light with a vibrant energy
have faith in God, in human nature beauty and in the “call of poetry”!

June 10th, 2021

I join my friend and fellow great poet, Poetic Flame, in his inspiring Poet's Call!

Copyright © Besma Riabi Dziri