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Big blasts for babes

A big blast in baggy boisterous hearts
As a charismatic charming chap I chant choruses
Seeing sisal spinning splendid systematic samples
Taken, I mask mistakes making massive moves
I divert, ditch disrepute in disputed dating dates

Shafts of shame shackled short lived shining
Bestowing beasts bearing bulky burdens
Tearing love tags tapped to the tail.
Growing grief gets God giving good gifts!

Realistic remorseful ritual reaps recognition
Dull decision depicting doom deepens dejection
Woman with wits wish wise way
Pick promise pulling permanent peace
Bind body and bloody base before blasting breast

Crispy crystal from crude crooks cry
From foreground formation to foundation
Spicy silky sweets see stars
God's grace: grab generous groins
Before burden burst, brutally burning.

Copyright © Anesto Mandizvidza