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A Higher Trail Taken Lower IIf

Though another day
Some times for its knowing Self 
Providence hides truth


And so… That was That

‘In any event he soon left the area afterwards
And was not seen again...' she continued.

'But we did retrieve his name… as the elder never forgot him.

He seemed to hold him in highest respect
Calling him an ‘Igashu Nadie’  
A name denoting wise watcher-wanderers.

He considered those called such, few in legend 
That appear, and then disappear
After bringing in great change
And import, from where ever they came from, to be followed.’

The other man at the end of the table interrupting 
Spoke up ‘A sort of Time Traveler.

And, the elder did not call him a watcher or a wanderer
The Elder called him ‘the’ Watcher, ‘the’ Wanderer.
But I don’t know why.’After a short break, the meeting resumed.
This time, with the Senator in the lead.

‘So..’ the Senator began, remaining standing
As he offered his summation.

‘So far we seem to have an unusual Land
Where none of it is to be physically seen
Imprinted over land we can.

Not just any Land, but much of it 
Containing some very large, modern Cities.

Camden and it’s suburbs for example
All the way south to include maybe Atlantic City
Vineland, and who knows what else. 

Strong Emanations from somewhere 
Came to, and also left from this civilized area…
Without, as far as we can tell, negative effect.

We have a long ago Native American Tribe 
That disappears also long ago, in this same area.

And we now have a destroyed planet far out in Space.
An approaching Planet on the move... towards?
We haven’t discussed that part yet…
That seems to have been destroyed from here 
After what, sending some of their Energies here?

Perhaps all of this being a sort of... reactive-repercussion?

And now we have an American... I assume he is American?’

The Senator looked around the three people sitting there.

‘Yes,’ she said.

‘And?’ he quickly replied, ‘And? Well what race..?’

‘White,’ she replied, ‘He is Caucasian, of mostly German ancestry.’

‘German.. oh great,’ the Senator said. 
‘Perhaps a Nazi from the past
Weren’t they investigating Time Travel?’

He snorted laughing, sarcastic in tone
As the others remained quiet.

‘All this story,’ he continued, ‘unproven, opinion, conjecture
A house of straws.’

The room became very quiet.

‘Well,’ she said quietly, ‘There is one more thing.’

‘Yes...’ he said.. ‘Possibly another emanation perhaps?’

‘No,’ she said,  ‘I went to see him.’

‘See him…’  the Senator again suddenly quiet 
For a few moments, sat down
Looking at her in full attention, waiting for answer.

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘Well, you see, we did have his name.

And we wanted to, no, we had to check out all angles
So we found out where he lived.

And for some reason, he was in this area 
When I contacted him.’

‘Oh, so he lives here’ the Senator asked.

‘No,’ she.. said quietly, adding, ‘He now lives in California’.

‘California.. California? Yet when you went to look for him
He was already here?’ the Senator said agitated… 

What was going on? he thought.

‘When did you see him?’ he said 
‘Right after the end.. of Arghastra?’

‘No,’ she offered... that was years ago. 
No, two weeks ago.’

‘So you brought him here,’ he asked.

‘No,’ she replied, ‘I called his home 
Thinking to travel there 
And his wife said he was here 
On business, so I called him here.’

‘Quite a coincidence,’ one of the men said quietly.

The Senator just remained looking at her.. 
‘OK, not an issue,’ he said
‘But I assume this meeting was, is going to be important.’

‘Well,’ she said, ‘At first he would not meet with me.. 
Across the river...  His words not mine.

So we met in Penn Treaty Park 
Over past the Ben Franklin Bridge and talked.’

The Senator was surprised at the events.

‘OK, ok, what happened?’ he asked.

‘Well,’ she said, looking at him directly. 
‘The minute I saw him
I knew only truth would keep any conversation going 
So I told him what we knew.’

‘Well. how loud did he laugh at that?’ the Senator asked.

Shaking her head slightly, she answered
He did not laugh.
He just nodded his head and said, ‘Well, that is finished.’

His face was gray and tortured. 

I could tell he was emotionally burdened by something.

I asked and he offered nothing.

‘I knew then..’ she added, ‘Don’t ask me how. 
I just knew then what we thought had happened
Was most likely true.

And somehow he knew what had happened
And maybe, even how.’

‘And,’ said the Senator.. finding himself drawn 
Into an expanding plot.

She again became very reserved and quiet.
‘I thanked him for meeting me,’ she said.

‘As we parted, he said not to worry... 
That any threat was completely ended.’

‘Threat... ended…,’ the Senator quickly said
‘What threat?’


Copyright © Brian Rusch