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My clothes came from
  They were on layaway
Until school starts.
  We would go out to eat,
Every now and then.
  We would chill out when
Our parents would count to ten.

  A treat on a hot summer day,
It was a popsicle.
  We would take a break from
Riding our bicycle.

  We would get allowance and
Buy fake cigs as candy.
  When I was a kid,
Things were fine and dandy.

  School everyone had to go,
It was mandatory.
  We couldn't watch movies
That were bloody and gory.

  We changed clothes to
Go out and play.
  Street lights came on, you headed 
Home; this was the way

  Daycare was a neighbor,
Or older sibling.
  You were spanked for lying
Or stealing.

  You could not go outside, 
when you were being punished.
  You could laugh at someone's

  We ate dinner every night
At the table.
  When we were babies,
We were rocked in the cradle.

  We played truth or dare,
Cops and robbers.
  Boys grew their hair,
Quit going to the barbers.

  We played red light, green light,
Simon says and tag.
  Every day at school we pledged
Allegiance to the flag.

  No bottled water,
We drank from a hose.
  We could get muddy,
We had on our play clothes.

  You memorized your address
And phone number.
  We went on vacation or to
A camp in the summer.

  When I was a kid,
We looked out for one another.
  If you didn't you were spanked
By your father.

  We watched cartoons on
Saturday morning.
  We had family values,
A sense of belonging.

     Turbo1904 ?

Copyright © Debbie Middaugh