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God Can Use Anybody

My name is Abraham, you know me as one of God’s chosen men.
Though I was chosen, I still made mistakes, I still had sin.
As Sarah, and I were traveling through Egypt, we told a lie.
For Sarah was beautiful, the reason why.
I thought an Egyptian would steal her, and kill me.
Sarah and I, we both did agree.

My name is Sarah, I know you heard of me.
I gave birth to Isaac; he was God’s guarantee.
At times my faith did waiver, from to and to far.
I made my husband sleep, with my servant Hagar.

I disguised myself, as my brother Esau.
God’s blessing on me, it did befall 
My name is Jacob, I know you heard of me.
I married two women, Rachel and Leah.

My name is David, you know me as a king.
Before that I was a shepherd boy, for king Saul, the harp I stringed.
I killed a bear, I killed a lion, I even killed a giant.
But not from my power, my God was my reliant.
Even though I was king, foolish decisions I made.
God told me not to count the soldiers, but I everyone I did surveyed.
Not only that, I caused a man to lose his very life.
All because I was greedy, and wanted Bathsheba, his wife.

I know you have read about me, my name is apostle Paul.
But some of you probably remember me, as a persecuter name Saul.
I hunted down Christians, every day and night.
Until at Damascus, where God blinded me, and gave me brand new sight.

God can use anybody, and I leave you with this.
No matter who God uses please don’t try to diss.
I know this has been kind of long, but here’s my final alarm,
God says,” Touch thou not my anointed, neither do my prophets any harm.” – 1 Chronicles 16:22

Copyright © Brother Jacob