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I button up my cardigan
The weather's closing in.
I'm follically challenged,
not my hairline, but my skin..

As the clouds begin to gather
and wind whips up to boot..
I twist my collar skyward..
deploy my bumbershoot.

And so.. I hurry past you,
we nod but hardly share
the time of day and just pretend
there's no time left to care.

"Is there fear of being open?"
as enclosure keeps me safe,
Suddenly I'm conscious: 
start to chafe.

Old wounds that pierced my skin
don't need to hide away.
The strangest gift; 
these scars;
require the light of day.

But what if..
Summer's sun is early?
A transformation starts..
We feel the authenticity
warming up our Wintery hearts?

For what we crave is 
Acceptance, sister. Brother.
But first we have to open up..
be honest with another.

Feel the raindrops on our skin.
Unbutton the protection.
Release us to the elements of
humanity's affection.

For deep within us all
there's stuff we hide away..
Exposure to the open air 
and brightness of the day.. might be when the healing starts.
Wind, sun, or snow or rain.
Outside it may be different.
But inside.. 
we're all the same.

Copyright © Christopher Grieves