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                If Not Us, Who?

Some leader will come and save us!
The political lie of the day.
We just don’t want to cause any fuss.
Just relax and get poem of the day?

While old men are kicked in the streets,
And Fentanyl kills young and old….
Shhh..just write about only things sweet?
As the American Constitution turns to mold.

Boys become girls, girls become boys?
We loudly cheer the WOKE culture on!
The sane world thrown out the window.
While our black-hooded shirts we don!

Wrong is now right, and right is so wrong!
But let’s just drink or merrily, puff it away?
And above all, to get along with the throng!!
Pretend American values are here to stay!

Churches and values are so old hat!
We are the new, smart Green generation.
So you see, we’ve no time at all for that.
Only our words deserve revered representation.

We refuse to see the dictators in charge,
Shredding our great cultures apart.
To those making us poor, we give them our
ultimate homage.
So, one day we all will be equal, and live in
equality in the same junkyard!

We welcome Communism where no man
can have more than another?
Perhaps first, all our freedoms must first disappear.
How jealous we are now of our are wealthy sisters 
and brothers!
Perchance, one day we won’t be on a train, run by  
a psychopathic, engineer!

               God Help Us

Copyright © Panagiota Romios