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Heaven Whispers Her Name


My days of the past
Comes to fore at last
Fulfilling desires of the heart?
The start of a known new path
Promise to keep a gem
I'll make her my emblem.
My Wisdom Sesay seasoning;
Skin glistering, voice blistering,
While I'm listening,
Whistling to the sound jingling.
Your whole thought's underneath my heart
And just like that...
We are gloriously gone,
Media world will be stun.
A journey into ourselves is on, 
Voracious Voluminous appetites,
Overtly Overfeeding tonight,
Heaven whispers in my ears, thrice,
Flashing Genesis 24:15 in my eyes,
Visions sporadically visionize my Rebekah,
Televise my movie, pictures so spectacular,
Heavens whispers in my ears - Wizzy
Then my breathing becomes pacy
Though the weak night gets lazy
But reality I am facing,
My heartbeat sporadically racing,
The happiness of artificial waves,
Numb and insane in my dark caves,
Replaced by the green lights...
That bade me come over to new height,
Together in quickening of release
To leave this weary heart to easeful peace.

Vick Manuel Poetry {VMP}
Copyright© 2017.
Rewritten: 2020.

Copyright © Victor Immanuel