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Frightening triggers to flood; No engulf my mind, my body, and then my soul!
Deep dark, forever following...
Neverending maze of despair!
Things scarier than a brutal death.
Things that make your worst nightmares seem like child splay!
Haunting memories, never forgotten I try so hard to bury it all.
But they flood up my mind as though they're a crested river.
Unable to speak, my anguish, when the words reach the tip of my tongue it makes all the pain, torment, and loss once again a reality.
Some say I've gone mad.
Others say I'm so filled with hurt it makes me forever sad.
I try to force a smile, merely a teardrop falls in its place.
I know there is a hell, of repetition, torture; rinse, and repeat.
Hell hath no fury, Fury would result in a quick demise, an end to this suffering...
Now burt into ash left without a trace.
SPONSORED BY 	Brian Strand

Copyright © Caroline foister