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The Hive

The border is ignored-broken...
mixed in with the innocents of angels
are snakes-demons-gangs..
the latest game of chinese checkers
(the fentanyl plague) 
has taken the place of the Wuhan rage...
body bags are filling with our young
their clouds of silky dreams..undone..undone.
A parade float governor belches: 
no more cash bail for the violent-
he claims this will make citizens safer.. 
prisons are being emptied into once peaceful places..
Lori lightfoot waves her dog eared race card again..
the sheep will vote the same..the same
as black brains are being sprayed away 
with .38 caliber candy-

Afghanistan has become a more peaceful place
than the land of milk and honey
as Soros bees and the ghosts of Mao and Marx
are raping and stinging lady liberty to death. 

Copyright © Anthony Biaanco