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Apocalypse! Armageddon! Ragnarok!
Deadly spread of  COVID 19
Caused by human misdeeds 
Confusion. disaster cover the land
Death now becomes a reigning language
Both the cause and the cure brew conflicts
But can men stop transgressing on earth?

COVID 19 is rife 
Though born in Wuhan 
Spread from China world over 
Caught all and sundry  unaware 
Armed with deadly infection 
Posed to halt the world 
Is it possible?

First of its kind, unexampled 
Travels  faster than aeroplane 
Kills legions across bothers 
Will the scourge stop spreading?

First time ever 
When all men become equal 
No more superiority among nations 
Coronavirus, a leveller beyond limits
Can the world  continue like this?

Isolation breeds stagnation 
Social distancing in vogue 
No inter and intra trades 
Every entry under lock 
Is any nation indispensable?

Hunger set to reign 
On African soils 
And other nations 
Where selfish leaders 
Are piloting the canoes
Will they learn their lessons?

All in confusion 
Fear grips the rich
The poor wallop in panic 
Death is now cheap, ubiquitous 
Can the world survive the virus?

Covix 19 defies faith 
Clergies run for cover
Fellowship, Jumat outlawed 
Worshippers pray at home 
Sanctuaries turn desert 
No one dares touch others
Can God answer the prayers? 

Cure vaccine not yet invented 
Only safey measures are here 
Only those agree to stay home 
May live to tell the story later 
Daily, thousands contract it
Daily, hundreds die of it 
Is  the cure feasible?

May it not continue, I pray 
But if otherwise 
Keeps rearing its ugly head
Hmm!  if  men's  end imminent 
Can animals and plants play the roles? 

Copyright © Tunde Dawood-Akerele