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I curse the day I thought we were blessed
To inhabit the sands and rocks of the mighty Chobe-Zambezi,
I think of how I would often look through the water,
Deep and dazzling!
The upsurges swished in its flowing,
Mild and bold was the puff of air blowing over a navy sky,
Not ever did I think this will be where my people will one day die!

The river devours my people like a scalding blaze,
One by one; one after the other to slake its thirst!
Beneath our day and night
Are sorrowing weeps of our man and women,
This blessing has spun into an evil curse!

If God is really forgiving...
I pray he quash this water-logged tunnel,
I wish everything could just fade and end,
I wish Chobe could just be a piece of land,
I wish this deep stream would die away and never flow,
I wish the wind would shut up and never blow!

I look through the water...
I see the lives it has ended,
I look through the river and hope to see them,
If you can hear me Lord!
I am on my knees; once more before your name,
I pray that my people find peace!

Copyright © Mpho Leteng