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Our Hearts Will Forever Be Connected

Some people dream that they are married to the most loving,caring,honorable person in the world,
I am fortunate that mine has come true,
You are my dream come true!!!
You are my life line!!!
You are embedded deep within my soul,

It's been 18 years knowing you and of that 13 years of marriage babe,
My love for you never changes,
The moment you kissed me and held my hand,
I knew that it was you that I would love for eternity!!!

I am in love with everything about you,
I love that I can be myself around you.
You love and respect me for who I am,
I love that I don't have to change anything about myself around you,

I can't believe it's been 13 years being married,
I adore the man that are,
I admire the man that you have become,
You have come into my life and have given me
a million reasons to smile,

When I look into your eyes,
I see truth,
I feel love,
I feel comfort,
I feel safe,
I feel complete,

My dear husband,
I wish for us to always be happy,
Always respect each other,

Thank you for being you!!!
Thank you for allowing me into your heart!
I will always keep it safe,
I will never let it go,never!!!!

Happy Anniversary my love Preston Chetty!!!
My Angel,my Knight and Shinning Armour. 

Love you always babe
No goodbyes only sweet love!!!!


Copyright © Ashnee Chetty