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Chapter 151-- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY HOLANNYA: Pt 1 This Day This Family

Date: April  1,   2051

  air planes departed in flight
 1 hour and 15 minutes
Between them. The trip was 7 hours
And approximately 30 minutes in
Duration. The first plane touched down 
On the runway 10:30 night time. 
With Sidney's wife Saderi, and Manisha,
Salis, Desharah, Sedanah and everybody 
Else from the first Hakim travelers group.
Saderi, Nisha, Salis crowded into
The waiting area while everybody else 
Trickled in. "Alright so who are we
Missing? Sedanah. Desharah!" Saderi 
Yelled out. Both addressed her, 
"We're here auntie, I'm right here ma."
The young Hakim guys were nearby
And made their presence known.
Jawah here auntie! Ranafi D. here
Auntie!"  Tanaka's voice boomed,
 "Tanaka and Meshada over here!" 
Desharah said, "I think GrandDad and 
Mama Lu took a seat somewhere 
Over there in the waiting area."
Manisha responded so what we doing
Right now. We don't want to call to
Late right, somebody?" Saderi said
No concern I'm about to call Sidney 
In a second."  She called Sidney 
About 15 minutes later. "He said
He'd be here in around 45 minutes!"
Saderi blared with frustration. Now
One hour passed, a hand clutched
Saderi's shoulder. With a hoarse
Voice, "Hey cherry cheeks hope I 
Wasn't to long for you."  Everybody cheered 
Sidney! Uncle Sidney. She turned 
With a subtle gasp, "Sidney you took
Some time my love!" and squeezed 
His hand on her shoulder. He rounded 
The bench to sit beside her. Then 
Desharah yelled, "You're here! The
Finale!" Everybody looked to Desharah 
And realized Meshada and Tanaka 
Walking toward them. Sidney and
Saderi  rose for the meet and greet
As other relatives surged in. Nisha
Said, "Sidney let's take attendance 
And leave soon okay? We have everybody 
Domonic's clan! Rashida! Shyanka!
Iysha! Jawah! They all groaned,
"Here"  "over here." Sidney continued.
"Alright we try for quickness is there
A witness! Mama Lucinda! Mama
Daughtry yall here! "Mama Lucinda 
Is right behind you Sidi!" She hit his
Back. He turned to see her with 
Ma Daughtry. And his father Carter
Hakim. He was aggravated, "Let's get
On! Youngsters!" Sidney surveyed 
Their crowd. Tiffan! Sashi! Amaliah! Polly
Stepped forward Don't forget the
Harvey's please!"  Jawah blared,
"What are your names, did you 
Reserve rooms?!" Polly answered 
My Uncle Holly's father is Mahadi
Harvey and his wife Kyonna!  And I'm 
Polina Harvey!" Sidney said, "Alright 
No problem I believe we have 2 extra
Madela! Chino Pierce! Joshua! You
Here man! Joshua yelled and raised 
His hand, "I'm ready to move uncle!"
Preston 3, and your Ma Lelah." Meshada 
Stepped forward acknowledging
All of them. "Oh, alright didn't see 
You all that last...okay then I think
Everything is set and we reserved 
Rooms for all. Not a problem cousins
And nephew's nieces and other species.
Everybody tomorrow is on the bound!
To the limos! Family!" They ambushed
The limos in the most classless
Manner possible. Mama Lucinda's
Disapproval was dangerously aroused.
"Oh wait one damn minute sons! 
She blasted before entering the 
Luxury car with Tanaka Meshada 
And Saderi. "Be on your gaurd youngsters!"
Saderi reminded the younger family 
"When we're ready to leave this car
Act or at least oh! Above all you are
To always represent the Hakim name!"
Jawah, Chino and Tanaka all three
Groaned dryly, "yeah, ma Lucinda!"
GrandDad Hakim, tapped the driver's
Partition, "driver we're ready to roll!"
They traveled more than 
15 minutes to the hotel. Reaching 
The hotel reception clerk Sidney
Aided his wife and Daughter and
Desharah with obtaining their 
Key cards. Desharah Sedanah would
Room together. Then everybody else 
Had to figure their sleeping arrangements 
Now the family from the next car
Were also retrieving their key cards. 
Jawah gathered with Sidney as 
They handed everybody key cards.
"Alright," Sidney instructed. Tiffan 
And Pierce will room together, 
Tanaka you'll be with Meshada of
Course, Dad? You know...
Carter Hakim responded, "Yeah!
I know! I could. Oh never blah! 
Good night son!"  Oh. Yeah Dad."
Your room is on the third floor."
He said, "Family most of you have
Rooms on the third floor! And the
Rest are on the 4th level." Now 
CJ emerged from an elevator. 
"Family family it's so good to see
Everybody and so early this 30 minutes
Passed midnight hour! Everybody 
Have your rooms assigned?" 
Most murmured, "Yeah" and grumbled 
"Of course."  And "yep."  Ma Lucinda 
Exclaimed, "Good good family let's get
To our rooms get good sleep so 
We can plan and stay away from
The second floor, is it?" She turned 
To CJ, He said, "Yeah ma right second
Floor. Okay everybody have a goodnight!"
See tomorrow maybe late afternoon 
Three  O?!"  Sidney Slapped him on
His back Yeah CJ sounds perfect
To me." He turned to the rest of the
Family, "Family! Three for you too?"
Then the chorus came and Exclaimed
"YEAH!"  Jawah and Tanaka both blazed

Day 1

Copyright © Val Brooklyn Rogers Blk Panther


Book: Reflection on the Important Things