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True Loneliness

If He ever left me, I would be so lost Without a hope or chance, No prospects, no promises or potentials Without even expectation or anticipation I’d be so very lost, without aspiration It would be my finish! If He ever went away, beyond my faith Where I couldn’t feel His love Sense His amazing grace – know His ways Were there to soothe away my doubts Encourage and enlighten, fill me with insight Without His love, I’d be living in the dark Shadows all around me, obscuring my dreams Concealing the light that might mean I’d find my way out of the despair, the dread The fears that tell me He has truly left me If He ever let me go, without His courage I would only know that I couldn’t go on, I couldn’t find the purpose in living my life Being His child, finding my way out of strife I couldn’t feel the wonder of His grace The joy and inspiration in His sweet embrace I couldn’t understand what it means to give Without expectation, with a love that surely lives Inside my soul, where His light shines serenity If He ever left me alone, without a sincere prayer I know that I would know what it is to fear, truly fear The solitude, the isolation, the seclusion Being without the One who is my Master My Savior, my Creator – the One who lights The heart and soul, with a light of pure love With a light that shines brighter than the stars Kindness, gentleness, fulfillment – sincerity Assuring my dreams and awaking inside me Life that is burning with genuine appreciation… For the One who made a way out of no way The One who brought His grace to remind me He will never let me go – He will always love me so That I can count on Him in every way – His promise His gift to those who believe – is the gift of unending peace The gift of a love that frees and completes, breathes Faith and hope, the wonder of His light abiding within Forever guiding and reminding – His love will not end His love will be with me until I am with Him in eternity! Hebrews 13:5 (KJV) Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

Copyright © Regina McIntosh