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Love the way you are,Just Smile

Love the way you are, just smile

It doesn’t matter if you’re pink or blue or the colour of glue
It doesn’t matter if your hair is black or blond or dull like a pond 
just Love the way that you are oooooooh
you’re pretty, you’re nice n you don’t have lice  
you can be cold or hot or a weird old teapot
but do you know what makes you pretty?
do you know what makes you happy?
Don’t you know, can’t you see
How pretty you can be when you smile, when you smile
When you’re sad or mad you don’t look good
just leave the stuff and don’t be rude
and smile, for a mile until the river of Nile
ooh ooh ooh ya 
ooh ooh ooh ya
smile until the river bends
smile until the whole world ends
just smile

Copyright © Prisha Bhuyan